Sunday, October 15, 2017

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Welcome my friends!  I’m so delighted you are visiting our community today.  It is always good to see you.
Today I want to share what I’ve learned about Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  This Oil is probably one you remember from childhood.  Then, as now, it was known as Vick’s Vapo Rub.  I loved the smell of Vick’s!  I always felt better after a night all slathered down in that stuff! 

hen, as a mother, I used it on my babies & watched it heal them.  Now, coming full circle, I’m seeing my kids treat their kids the same way.  Vick’s Vapo Rub.

The first time I inhaled the aroma of Eucalyptus Oil, my memories took me straight back to childhood.  That’s when I learned Eucalyptus Oil is the main ingredient to Vick’s.

A few years ago I went to the doctor with my husband.  I had a cough & congestion.  After the doctor was finished with my husband he told me to take a couple of fresh garlic cloves, slightly crushed, a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil & boil them together in a pot of water.  Once boiling, remove the pot from the heat, tent myself, breathing deeply.
That particular bottle of Eucalyptus Oil was not an Essential Oil.  I didn’t know it then, but, it wasn’t a requirement.  That Oil came in a large, clear plastic bottle from our local health food store.  An Essential Oil will always come in an amber or other colored glass container.  We discussed this in “Synthetic Oils vs Essential Oils”, published on June 17, 2017. 

So, let us learn about Aromatherapy’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  [] There are several species of Eucalyptus.  There is Eucalyptus radiata* (aka Black Peppermint Essential Oil) & Eucalyptus citridora (Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil).  The one we use the most would be Eucalyptus globulus.  It has a strong medicine aroma, a fresh woody & earthy fragrance. 

The Eucalyptus Tree is a native of Australia, but is also found in Brazil & Spain.  The Australians have used parts of this tree for its medicinal purposes for generations.  You can find a bottle of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in almost every home.  It’s used to clean & disinfect the house.  When used as a rub or inhalant it can clear your breathing.  Leaves from this tree have been used to “bandage” wounds, aiding in quicker healing time with less scarring.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil has so many uses it really needs to be a part of your first aid kit.  It’s antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory.  It can be used as an anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, deodorant, bug repellant & an expectorant.

It eases bronchitis, coughs, cold & flu systems.  It soothes ear infections, arthritis, rheumatism & muscle pains.  Reduces acne, cleanses minor wounds, eases diabetic systems & boots your immune system.

Eucalyptus is antimicrobial & antiviral.  There is research that shows Eucalyptus Essential Oil has been successful in helping people with Asthma, Pneumonia & Tuberculosis.

Because of its cooling & refreshing aroma, Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a natural stimulate.  Rejuvenating your spirits when you’re under the weather.  It has been effective in the relief of stress disorders.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil is employed in some classrooms.  The oil is considered a vasodilator, meaning it increases the blood flow, relaxing blood vessels which allows blood to circulate more efficiently. This means more blood to the brain, in turn increasing student performance.

That’s just what it can do on its own.  When you blend Eucalyptus Essential Oil with other Essential Oils, like Lavender, Ginger, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Tea Tree & so many others, your options are limitless!!

Mix Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil with distilled water in a spray bottle.  Spray on the body to use as a deodorant or to reduce a fever.  Mix with a carrier oil & rub on the chest to open up the nasal, sinus passages & the lungs.

Equal drops of four each of Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Lemon Essential Oil can elevate the mood in a room.  Five drops each of Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Tea Tree Essential Oil will transport you to either a lighthearted episode, or maybe a romantic interlude.  Either way it’s bound to improve one’s mood.

Stuck inside on a snowy day?  Try diffusing two drops each of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil & Orange Essential Oil.  Use it to cheer up the atmosphere.

Because Eucalyptus Essential Oil is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, antimicrobial & antiviral it’s perfect for cleaning surfaces around the house.  Mix it with baking soda, white vinegar, Tea Tree Essential Oil & for the tough rings, add borax, Lavender Essential Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil.

Well, my friends, I pray you have found some value from my journey.  What else are we here for it not to share our journeys & learn from others in our community?

I thank you for your time & look forward to speaking with you again. 

Til next we meet, my friends, Be Blessed.



* Eucalyptus radiata is one of the Essential Oils used in Thieves Oil.  Thieves Oil is a blend of 5-6 Essential Oils.  It received its name from the Bubonic Plague.  During the 15th century the bubonic plague was epidemic status & naturally was affecting the merchants & trade.  So, a group of these merchants, knowing the ability of Essential Oils, created a blend that protected them from the killer disease.  That allowed them to rob the bodies of any valuables & then sell them, making a very lucrative living from it.

When the king learned of this group of merchants, he had them brought in to learn their secret.  Once the king had the blend, he ordered it to be mixed as quickly as possible & provided to the people.

Or so the story goes.  😉

Sunday, October 1, 2017

When the Student is Ready Pt 3

My friends, I am humbled you are spending time with me.  I know this has been a long journey, but my prayer is you are able to find some trinket that is usable to you.

With that said, let us continue.

I’m sure you’ve figured by now that it was the PTSD where some of my armor started to chink.  I didn’t break down & cry, never even needed a tissue (which were sitting around on the tables), but there was some orbital socket over-moisturizing happening.  I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that was sinking in, but I realized I needed help or I was going to explode.  (No, not violence.  More like yelling & not much of self-control.)
My drive home after this was on a Friday evening, 5 o’clock traffic, hour drive home.  Let me say I do appreciate the convenience cell phones provide.  My husband was on the other end & boy did he get an earful!!  Poor man!  How he puts up with me is a wonder… There’s a country song by Lee Brice, “I’m Hard to Love”.  I’ve told him that’s a chorus I say to him.  Lol. 
Anyway, in my rant, I told him my feelings.  He explained he understood, after all, he knew what was going on at my job.  The pressure I was feeling.  That man even thanked me for ranting!  Can you believe him!  Yeah, I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I do work at keeping him happy, also.
That did let some of the (self-imposed) pressure out.  But the biggest pressure was coming from the job.  I was dreading going in on Monday.  The overtime (I later found out that while I thought I was barely keeping up w/the other ladies working O/T, I actually had the most), the lack of control I felt I had over my desk & how the heck was I going to keep up!  The boss was implementing a change & I was leery of it.  Something I had experienced before with negative results.  I asked God for help.  It was all too big for me.
Then, Saturday morning, I’m doing my usual on the computer & in my emails were invites to opportunities to grow myself (check out on YouTube Brene Brown on trust) & my business. Lessons on how to make money blogging came my way (thanks to a wonderful fellow Peer Support Team member!!). I knew these were answers for me.  The teachers were knocking on my door. 

That weekend I started my serious meditation time utilizing theta wave music, I am-ness &, of course, Essential Oils (My New Norm Utilizing Aromatherapy), Sunday August 20, 2017).  Changes needed to be made & there is only one thing to which I have any control.  Me.
I found myself able to comfortably meditate for, what I think is a long time, about 20 minutes.  I know the time because the music is a YouTube video that is a touch over an hour long.  When I’m ready to return then I can see by the timer how long.  Remember, meditate for as long as is comfortable.  I feel I get so much more out of it.
Right after I start the music (plays on just the computer speakers) I take a couple of deep inhales from a small, amber bottle.  It’s my meditation blend I’m trying out.  Certain blends are known to aide in focus & relaxation.

I like to start in the Mountain Pose.  I focus on balancing on the three points of my feet.Heel, ball & under the little toe.  I can feel this pulling my arches up.  My feet are only about three inches apart & I can feel my leg muscles adjusting to keep my balance.  I put a balance in my hips, not too forward, not to far back.  My inhale brings space between my vertebrae, giving length to my spine.  Pull my shoulders back & anchored, arms down at my side, palms out.  Head balanced on my spine, eyes closed.  I feel the energy flowing up from the earth through the soles of my feet, up my legs, joining at the spine, flowing on up & out the crown of my head, joining the energy of the universe.

When it is time to change poses I move as my body leads, eventually ending up crossed legged on the floor.  Here’s where the deep meditation occurs.  I have strengthened my back enough to sit up without using a wall for support.  I can now feel the energy flowing through the chakras.  

I can feel the openness & focus on what I am, who I am & it’s all positive.
I made a “visual board”, one for home, one for work.  I planned on meditating at the office for a few minutes every morning.  I would bring peace & harmony into my office, at least.  That didn’t really last past, like, the second day.  I found out in my emails that morning there was no more need for O/T.  Some pressure was lifted. 
I have two CDs of Christian music in my boombox (yes, I have one & it still works) in my office.  They’re certain passages that some folks wrote music so as to sing the verses.  Each song is just that same verse repeated over & over, but they did it very well.  That practice is hit & miss.  But there are those mornings when I want that energy in my day.  A smidge more pressure lifted.
Over the weekend an idea occurred to me on how to speed up one of my processes.  How I could actually work on two things at once.  How I can get more accomplished in less time, how to be more efficient.  A wee bit more pressure released.
There’s one more thing I did on Friday that helped changed my outlook.  Both days I went out to lunch with a fellow Team member.  I’ll call him Andy.  Anyway, at lunch the second day I told him I wanted to use him as Support, he knows the person I’ve been struggling with & I needed the confidentiality afforded by Peer Support.  He provided a very simple, but brilliant idea.  A fraction more released.
Believe it or not, these methods turned it around for me.  By the time the person arrived I was in a much better place.  As the week progressed my new process was working beautifully.  I had my desk caught up by Tuesday.  Really feeling in a good place. 
By the end of the week I have my desk totally under control.  I was ready to go on vacation & it would not affect my two co-workers.  I knew what to expect when I came back & knew I could handle getting items out in a timely manner. 

During vacation, I continued to meditate.  My husband pitched in & helped me around the house, without me asking him.  I knew the job was under control & I felt like I had a direction in which to grow my on-line store.  I came back from vacation feeling like I have been washed cleaned.
Oh, by the way, things are starting to happen in my business.  They’re little things, but it is movement, it is growth.  You don’t get a mustard tree from the seed overnight.  Growth is slow, but steady in the beginning, so one could miss the little changes.  In time, with care & patience, that little mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds, will grow.  It will grow into one of the largest of trees, providing living space for many birds. 

My friends, thank you for joining me on this discovery of peace.  I know it’s been long, but it is a tipping spot for me.  It could be for you, also.
Next week we will look at Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  Definitely one that should be in your first aid kit.
‘Til next we meet, Be Blessed.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

When the Student is Ready Pt 2

My dear fellow seekers, I am so delighted you’re joining me this day.  I hope to bring some value to your time.

My last post started my story of the Teacher appearing for the Student.  I built the foundation for a poignant epiphany.  Shall we continue?

So, on the second day, our instructor was this hyper lady.  She had quite the background & had overcome a lot.  Let’s just say she comes from a point of authority.

A quick recap.  I’m part of the Peer Support Team at my work.  This year’s training was a 2-class presented by The Counseling Team International (TCTI).  Their headquarters are in San Bernardino, Ca. 

This was the Advanced Peer Support training.  Our first day was on Dealing with Depression & Suicide Situations.  Great stuff!

It was the second day that hit close to home for me &, I feel, opened the door to the amazing things that are happening to me now. 

The subjects of the day were Difficult Debriefing, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, EMDR & Peer Support Team Wellness.  All our previous trainings were for one on one meetings.  This was getting into the major stuff.  Peer Support groups from other agencies & counties will come to a Major Event.  A Major Event would be something like 9/11 or a Columbine incident. 

In San Bernardino, CA on 12/2/15, we had such a Major Event.  During an office holiday party, fourteen co-workers were shot & killed by a man who had worked with them for years & his wife.  They later died in a hail of bullets by a confederation of Law Enforcement Personnel. 

Immediately other cities, counties & states were calling San Bernardino & offering assistance.   Some of that assistance was provided by Peer Support.  Every surviving witness at the scene, every responder, every 911 dispatcher was called in for debriefings with Peer Supporters present.

Sometimes these can be difficult & an experienced Leader needs to know how to provide a safe environment.  I’m not quite ready to sit in on a debriefing.

Then we got into PTSD.  We’ve all heard about it.  It’s the latest buzzword for a disorder that has been around as long as man’s inhumanity to man has been played out.  It has long been only thought of as a soldier’s issue.  The battlefield has long been the site of things that should not be, but are. 

But did you ever think about the scene a fireman is likely to roll up on?  How about the likelihood of what a cop is to see on his shift?  And the 911 Dispatcher who takes the call?  Makes sense doesn’t it, that they could develop a level of PTSD over a period of time. 

Then we started talking about why Peer Support was thought to be useful for the District Attorney Office.  We are not First Responders.  We were not there in that high-tension time, attempting to make sense of what was assaulting our senses.  We were not there dealing with the people during one of the worst moments of their life.

What we do is take the events, the facts of the incidents & we read them, over & over.  The Deputy District Attorneys poring over those reports, searing those incidents & images into their brain.  

The clerical  staff prepares forms, at times needing to read the file for understanding.  But they are also saturated in hearing the DDAs talking about the cases.  They have a tendency to bounce ideas off their clerical staff.

The Bureau of Investigation (my unit) is comprised of Investigators (Sworn Law Enforcement) Investigative Technicians (deal with audio/video/photos stuff) &, of course, the indispensable clerical staff.  Each of us, in our own way, is deluged in it every day.

Then there are the Victim Advocates.  These wonderful ladies (men are rare in this unit) live with the facts of the case every time there’s a hearing.  (These are the felony cases to which I’m referring.)  They sit with victims & witnesses every time.  They are enmeshed in the emotional side of it, sometimes over a period of years.

Bottom line, we are at risk for accumulation PTSD.  Some fill up sooner than others.  Some it doesn’t seem to ever bother.  Or maybe they just have better coping skills. 

That last one is where I’m at now.  I’ve been doing this for right around 20 years.  Same duties.  Same stories, same photos. 

In the beginning we would take the photographs, stick loops on the backs & hooks on a poster board.  These boards would go into court with the DDA.  Point was to be able to take a photo off the board to pass among the jurors & then return it to it place on the board.

I submerged myself in it.  There really wasn’t much that disturbed me back then.  Actually, it still doesn’t, but now I’m overflowing.  It never seems to stop.  In fact, it seems to be getting worse.

I used to feel that, in my position, I was making a difference.  And I was & still am, but not the way I thought.  I have emails, cards, letters & the spoken word where I made a difference to one person at a time.  But I feel like it’s not enough, like I’m not enough.  Like what I do should be stopping crime.  Or at least slowing it down.  And, of course, it isn’t.

The next subject was EMDR.  That’s Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing.  The theory behind EMDR is that negative life experiences have upset the biochemical balance of the brain.  EMDR is a form of accelerated information processing that may unlock the brain’s information processing system.  It’s controversial, but there are success stories.  Here’s a link to one article,, if you wish to learn more.

The end of the day we discussed Peer Support Team Wellness.  We were reminded that it’s ok to step down from the team when we feel over whelmed, we can always come back.  Reminded we must protect our own emotional health or it will reflect in how we provide Peer Support to those in need.

Oh, my, I see I have gone over yet again.  I didn’t realize this was going to go for so long.  My apologies, but I do pray you join me on Part 3.  I promise to have it wrapped up then.

Safe travels my friends & until we meet again, Be Blessed.



Sunday, September 3, 2017

When the Student is Ready

Hello!  So good to see each of you.  Have I ever told you how very special each one of you are to me?  Probably not, so let me say it here & now.  YOU are special to me.  You are the Creator of Destiny, the Intuitive Genius & the Follower of Dreams.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.

As you know by reading my previous entries, I’ve hit a bump in life.  I’ve come to understand that these bumps are our opportunity to learn & grow.  I’ve also come to learn to be grateful for these opportunities.  These are the times when the Teacher arrives.

Most of us have heard the saying, “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will arrive”.  My experiences have been such that the arrival of the Teacher is during a speed bump time.  These are the perfect times to build the muscle memory of the Teacher’s lessons.
The lessons this time seem to be centered around the understanding that I have no control.  I have no control over the conditions that arise.  I also have had no control over my own reactions nor emotions to these conditions.  I was driving myself crazy.  I was unhappy, sullen & depressed. 

In the past year or so doors have been opening to me.  I have been learning why I live in a negative state.  I have been learning there are tools to change it around.  I started picking up these tools. 

(I don’t know about you, but I learn best by doing it real.  Role playing, training searches, these have a place & are helpful, but the I have found the muscle remembers better under real conditions.)

 Now I have the tools, had a chance to role play them & the speed bump comes up.  I’m learning Essential Oil blending recipes that are aiding me in relaxing, calming, focusing.  Meditating so my brain can learn to function in the positive.  Listening to my body, moving, stretching, strengthening, nourishing, opening up the flow of energy.
Another door that has opened & provided tools & teachers has been our Peer Support program.  About 2 years ago my office implemented the program.  I put in my memo of interest & was selected.  We attended a four-day training with The International Counseling Team.  We learned how to listen to people & when it was time to refer them to qualified help.  

Last year it was a 2-day training.  Dr. Kevin Gilmartin was the presenter. He wrote the book “Emotional Survival for Law enforcement”.  He is incredible!   

Let me give some background regarding the Peer Support program.  Peer Support programs started in Police Departments.  Police officers have one of the highest suicide rates of all careers.  Dr. Gilmartin had a background in the military, Law Enforcement & became a behavioral scientist.  His passion is to open eyes to this epidemic.  From his understanding of the mental outlook of his brothers in blue the idea of Peer Supporters was born.

From Law Enforcement, the program has spread to other First Responders, like the Fire Departments & EMTs.  Then it was realized the 911 Dispatchers also were suffering from the trauma of being First Responders.  And the Peer Support program grew.

Dr. Nancy Bohls-Penrod has spent her entire adult life married to a sheriff’s deputy.  As she lived the life & went to school her passion has become for Public Safety servants.  Her belief & foresight  have taken her to The Counseling Team International.  They help set up the Peer Support Programs in Public Safety.  

Dr. Bolhs-Penrod happens to reside in San Bernardino County.  Her work & her husband’s career  have opened doors for her.  Due to her persistence, San Bernardino County District Attorney Office has started the Peer Support Program.  It is open to every position & we have quite the varied crew.  It’s awesome to be a part of this program.  It also has become one of my tools.
This year’s training was 2-days.  At the end of the first day I had earned a certificate of completion for QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program.  It just means I have been provided guidance in asking the Question, how to possibly Persuade them to agree to seek help & then Refer them to where they can receive help. 

But it was Day 2 that opened an important door for me.

Oh my, I see I’ve run a bit long today.  I’ll have to stop here.  When I started writing this blog, I promised myself that I would keep these to between a page & a page & a half.  This one, even without the pictures, is touching page three.

My apologies for being overly long winded, but there is so much I want to share with you.

 Til next we meet, my friends, Be Blessed.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

My New Norm Utilizing AromaTherapy

Greetings & Salutations!!  I’m so glad you joined me again.  I pray my writings help you on your path.

Today I wish to talk about how in just the short time I’ve been using Essential Oils, Meditating & incorporating Yoga, they have turned my life around.

If you read my blog on July 22, 2017 you might be able to see some of my stress due to the situation at work.  There’s also an energy that has come into our office that does not blend well.  This, of course, is its own kind of stress.

We can also add to this something in our personal life.  The company my husband works for may or may not be in some financial difficulties.  In other words, he may wake up one morning & find himself out of a job.

During this time of turmoil, I’m continuing my research.  I’m reading Andre Butje

on how to start using Essential Oils in my everyday life.  I’m watching Iyanla Vanzant videos
on how to be a better me.  And a lot of the tweets & posts coming across my feeds are reminding me to live in the present.  
I happen to believe in the adage that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Somewhere in all this research surfaced a technique that intrigued me.  Theta wave meditation.
You’ve probably heard that our brain works on different wave lengths, depending on what we’re doing.  For instance, when we’re in an alert state as if we were in a classroom, working a problem, etc., then our brain is in Beta waves.  Alpha is when we’re relaxed, Delta is sleeping & Theta is more daydreaming.
I don’t want to get all technical, so I’ll keep it simple.  Theta waves have a frequency between 5 & 8 cycles.  This is a slower cycle & leaves the brain open to reprograming. 
The challenge comes in when one attempts to meditate & achieve Theta waves.  It takes a lot of practice to slow to that frequency.  Or, I’m reading, you could listen to Theta wave meditation music.    I don’t know how to be sure that’s what I’m listening to due to my lack of knowledge in the field, but I can tell you of my experience.
I first heard about Iyanla Vanzant through Hay House, Inc.  Her video series on how to be a better me caught my attention.  I watched them, all 4, straight through.  She hit on some excellent points.  Her exercise of “I am-ness” fits perfect with my new idea of Theta wave meditation.
Also during this time in my Essential Oil research I was finding blends for focus, serenity, meditation among others. 
My plan is simple.  After inhaling the meditation blend, I am meditating in simple yoga poses to Theta wave music.  I will do this for 90 days.  I am doing this at least once a day.  I do not put a time on the meditation.  As long as the energy is flowing I’m riding the wave.  I use Ms Vanzant’s “I am-ness” exercise as my guide. 
In just the short time I’ve been practicing this new technique I’ve noticed a difference in my own thinking.  I’ve noticed my own energy is changing.  I’m learning how to act, not react.  Let it go & live in the moment.  I’m happier & more relaxed. 
My hope is that my brain will be accustomed to hearing the music & the meditation aroma & transition to Theta wave easier.  When it does that, then I will be able to spend more time in the reprogramming.  I would also be able to get to that state in times of urgency. 
In the meantime, I am grateful this knowledge is coming my way.  It is assisting me in my personal growth.  God has a plan & this is a time of change so His plan can move forward.
So, now, instead of stomping my foot & yelling how the world is unfair, I’m learning to appreciate the goodness that surrounds me.  The fairness that lives in me & the peace that is me.
I thank you for joining me, my friends.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Greetings & salutations dear friends!  Your presence brings joy to my soul.  I pray my writings bring some value to our time together.

This week I would like to talk about the light & the darkness.  You may find yourself wondering what in the world light & darkness have to do with any of my blogs. All my entries are Essential Oils, Yoga & Meditation

Let me explain.  On my journey I have joined different Forums relating to Yoga, Meditation & Essential Oils.  Today I received an email from one of them, advising of a new posting.  I read the summary of it & decided I wished to provide my viewpoint. When I arrived at the original post I saw someone had left a message.

My immediate impression of the response was how much darkness surrounded it.  There was some truth, but with so much darkness a person could miss it.  I felt sad for both the Seeker of enlightenment & the darkness. 

I read the words of the Seeker & I did see the struggle to leave the darkness.  It is a delicate subject & the Seeker was attempting to come from a place of love.  The Seeker has lived with certain notions, notions the darkness has promoted since the dawn of time.  These notions have become the “truth”.  The Seeker has now ventured out & is finding that the “known” truth is not always truth.

This is my own journey as well.  Stepping into Yoga, Meditation & yes, even Essential Oils I have found my own mind opening.  I am learning how much in the darkness I have been living.  And when my journey out of it started, the darkness tried to pull me back.  It still does to this day. 

I know now, looking back, I brought the darkness with me in many situations.  Now that I am turning to & living more in the light I see where I where I can bring more of the same to other Seekers.  I believe we have a duty to shine the light into the darkness.

I believe that as Seekers of Enlightenment we will, inevitably, be finding the light*.  And once found, will turn to shine it for others on the path.  We will learn to see the light breaking through the new Adventurer & we will respond with Light.  * or - “…inevitably, find the Light…”

But until we learn to leave the darkness behind, we will discourage brave, new Seekers.  The darkness will attempt to beat you back.

My words for you today are to stay strong in your quest for Enlightenment.  Be bold when looking at the darkness.  Know that the darkness is frightened, it knows it will not survive true Enlightenment & needs your own fear to continue.  Be assured that as long you move towards Enlightenment you will triumph.

In your journey to Enlightenment you will learn to come from a place of love.  You will learn how to ask in light & reply in light.  You will find you have the opportunity to help another toward the light.

Shine your light, my friends.  Light is not for hiding under a basket, but for lighting the way.  We may not be able to see very far with the light, but the light can be seen from very far away.  So hold your own Light high & chase out the darkness.  Every light counts.

Til next we meet, Be Blessed



“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”  - Albert Schweitzer

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Greetings & salutations dear friends!  Your presence brings joy to my soul.  I pray my writings bring some value to our time together.

Wow, life. Big subject.  It sure has a way of changing your plans, doesn’t it?  Take mine for example.  When I took on the commitment of blogging I choose to make it a weekly thing. 

I have done well doing just that for quite a bit of time.  Then life hit.  Things at work have gone nuts.  Let me see if I can explain.

I work at a District Attorney’s office in SoCal.  I like to describe my job as the stage manager for the Deputy District Attorney’s show.  I obtain the digital or paper discovery, make copies for the DDA & defense, convert formats for DDA ease of use, redact from audio & video recordings so the jury doesn’t get bored, video tape hearings in case we “lose” that witness before the trial, take photos of defendant tattoos (regardless of what body part it may be on), serve SDTs for hospital records, serve subpoenas for uncooperative witnesses/victims (after using numerous systems to locate them) & then have the privilege of transporting these delightful folks to & from court.  I think that covers it in a nutshell.

Now, if any of you have heard of the political atmosphere in California lately, you know it is not geared towards curbing crime.  An example is how the liberals of this state decided that if a convicted felon (or anyone else) steals a gun, it’s only a misdemeanor.  Seriously, a misdemeanor.  When people are stealing guns & killing other people, but it’s ok.  We’ll just slap you on the wrist.

So, surprise, surprise, crime goes up.  Now, let’s throw in that Law Enforcement is getting a really bad rap for enforcing the law.  Yes, I know there are bad cops out there, but not all, not even most are deliberately using force under cover of authority.

I caught a news story the other day.  A convicted gang banger, out on parole & later to be found under the influence of a controlled substance, &, oh yes, had a hand gun, lead the cops on a high-speed chase through a residential neighborhood.  For the record, the cop cars were using their attention-getting disco lights & loud ear-shattering sirens as their way of asking him to stop for an amicable chat.  He crashed the car, jumped out & started running, giving the appearance he was declining the invitation.  Cops stop their cars, jump out & give chase.  Now the cops are vocally telling him who they represent & asking him to stop for their little chat.  I’m sure you’re as surprised as I am that he kept running.  They caught him on the sidewalk in front of this lady’s house.  She had heard the commotion (difficult not to hear it) &, out of natural curiosity, steps out of her front door to watch the proceedings.

Now, for whatever reason the news channel decided this is what the people want to see, so they send a news crew out.  This lady now has her 15 minutes of fame.  How is she going to play it out?  She decides to tell the camera how, in her opinion (based, I’m sure, on her experience deeply involved in the Law Enforcement) that the Officers used excessive force to ensure they had the opportunity to speak w/the gentleman.  That’s it lady, go with the herd, it’s safer.

Now, I will step onto the other side of the fence & speak of the tragedy of the lady in Minneapolis recently.  Yoga instructor, soon to be bride, planning the wedding, all shows a young woman who is an asset to the world.  She’s heard negative sounds.  Her moral compass calls upon her to call those whom we trust “To Protect & Serve”.  She gets involved. 

We know what happened, but let me explore how it could have also played out.  She runs out of her house to flag down the officers.  They see her, stop the car, jump out, chase down a bad guy & put him away.  Our Yoga Instructor now has the appreciation of a grateful community.  Happy, & preferable, ending.

May we now take a look at the cops’ viewpoint?  I’m just guessing on this, of course, but from my years with the District Attorney’s office, around these men & women who live this job, listening to them tell their stories, I might have an idea.

We have two young men.  Both have been on for less than two years.  Between them they have under 4 years of experience.  I’ve heard that to be considered to be a “seasoned cop” you need at least 5 years on the force.

In the last few years the news has been full of stories where people in this career of Law Enforcement have been shot, execution style, while answering calls for help.  I don’t know about you, but I could see where they might be a bit on the jumpy side. 

So, it’s dark, probably one of the nicer neighborhoods, but, still, a call for help has gone out, a bad person is out there.  These men are on high alert.  Someone comes running at them.  One of the officers reportedly heard a loud bang & he reacts.  A young woman is now dead.

Just in case you’re wondering, I do not condone this officer’s actions.  As a Monday morning quarterback, I think he should be invited to seek out a different career.  From the information I’m going off of, what he did was not a criminal act.  Of course, I wasn’t there, so I’m just guessing.

I’m not sure what my point is for this rant.  I guess the theme is to give the cops the benefit of the doubt.  Geez, you may know you’re not out to hurt them, but let your actions reflect the same.  If a cop asks you to stop, then stop.  If you’re asked to show your hands, then show your hands.

One last story & I’ll step off my soapbox.  Some public skatepark somewhere USA.  Skaters gather to say good-bye to a friend.  Some of the skaters choose to permanently mark up the cement as a memorial to their friend.  What some of us would call “graffiti”.  As I understand the news report, other folks who were visiting another part of the park with their small children, grew concerned at such a large gathering & call Law Enforcement.

The cops showed up & asked the crowd of skaters to disperse.  Instead of gathering up their personal items & heading for another location to continue the mourning process, they choose to surround the officers.  Then they started banging their skateboards on the ground, while surrounding the cops.  No, that wouldn’t appear threatening to anybody, would it?

The kid whose interview showed up on the news couldn’t understand why Law Enforcement should have started taking a more aggressive stance.  I guess he thought the skaters should be allowed to do what the skaters wanted to do & never mind how it might affect other folks.

Ok, I promised to step down & I will keep that promise.  My point, when I started was how busy it’s gotten at work.  We’ve been pulling a lot of overtime & with my commute it’s just wearing me out. 

Also, recently, I discovered the atmosphere in our work place is receiving some negative energy.  You know how wearing that can be also. 

Bottom line, I can only work on the blog every other weekend, so for a while, I’m only posting bi-monthly.

Look for me in two weeks.

Til next we meet, Be Blessed