Monday, January 23, 2017

The New Blog for LBEliteAromas

Greetings & welcome to LB Elite Aromas.  I'm Lady Bonser.  I've recently opened a web store that I believe you'll enjoy.  You can find it at  Or click the Store tab at the top of the page. ☝  I invite you to check us out.

My goal in blogging is greater understanding.  In the last few years I've come to realize I'm on a journey that started when I would watch my mom mediate before work.  Back then Transcendental Meditation was the big thing.

Then a visit with a cousin who taught me how to self hypnotize.  (That's been many years in the practicing stage.  Lol)  I watched my children in Tae Kwon Do, took Tai Chi & Meditation class, had an experience where an essential oil worked wonders on my mood & finally moved down the street from a friend who shares her yoga with others.

I tell you that to show my path & where it has led me.  I wanted to learn more & share with my friends.  I wanted to connect with others who are crafting in self-healing through essential oils, meditation, yoga, healthier eating, etc.  

Then the doors started opening & here I am today.  I invite you to comment & tell me what you think I could add, change or delete.  I value your opinions & want to improve myself & my store.

From time to time I'll have a guest blogger.  I might just post what they send to me or I'll add someone to blog with me.  Come back often to see what's been shared!  ☺

Thank you for joining me & enhancing this journey.