Saturday, March 25, 2017


Thank you for joining me again.  I do appreciate the time you spend with me & I hope I am bringing some value to it.
This week I thought we would discuss another facet to meditation & yoga.  We’ve talked about how certain aromas bring out certain feelings.  Music, and sound [or the lack of], also bring out certain feelings.
The first question that came to your mind was probably “What kind of music are we talking about here?”  Let me put you at ease, my research shows any king of music can be meditation music.
Yes, you read it correctly, any kind of music.  See, it all depends on you & your goal in meditating.
According to Mindfulness Trainer Julianna Raye, this style of practice lends itself to your favorite music.  Mindfulness has become highly researched & very popular in the Western practices of meditation.
What we mainly focus on here is the traditional forms of meditation, where our focus is mainly on our breathing.  This would be considered more of the Eastern practice.  According to traditional Buddhist meditation would be silence or ambient background noise (water moving, animal sounds, etc).  Adding music is a modern thing.
My preference is to have music or sound on while I’m practicing Yoga or meditating.  I find my mind wanders a bit & the sound catches my attention, bringing me back to my breath.  It also makes for a good white noise around me.
Now, the music I prefer is instrumentals.  I like to use Pandora sometimes on my iPad.  I searched for “meditation” & it plays a very nice selection of instrumental music.  Some of the pieces will have ambient sounds like the sound of the tide coming up the beach. 
If I’m in the living room I might play the stereo.  I have a disc of guitar & flute songs like “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Scarborough Fair” & my all time favorite, “Three Times a Lady”.  I also have some discs of nature sounds.  Rain storm, babbling brook & Carmel by the Sea.
I guess you could say I’m blending Eastern & Western practices.  I believe they do blend & do it well.  I believe there is good in all & we are tasked with looking for it & then using it on our path.  I believe God supplies all our needs, even the ones we are not aware of, & we must look at our gifts.  This is one of the reasons He calls us to pray or meditate.
So, experiment with aromas & how to diffuse them in your space.  Listen to different music to find the one or many that help you stay focused.  Seek your Center to help balance you while you are meditation, practicing your Yoga or both.
May you find your path & join me again next week.  Be Blessed.

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