Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yoga Pt 2

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always thought there is just yoga.  You know, you see the instructor easily twisting around while you’re thinking that kind of flexibility only happens from birth.
Well, turns out there’s at least one other kind.  Yoga Therapy.  I’m just learning about it, so let me explain it through the words of Kat Tillinghast, Certified Yoga Therapist.
“Yoga therapy is the application of techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges at any level, manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve overall health and attitude. Pain and injury can cause many other problems in the body such as digestive problems, muscle tension and even anxiety and depression.
Yoga Therapy focuses on individuals and small groups with any type of physical or emotional imbalance, including injury and trauma. A Yoga Therapy practice is specifically designed and created with compassion, to target the imbalance utilizing all of the tools of Yoga, a natural prescription. This can include poses, breathing, meditation, guided visualization, mantra, whatever practice is required for the individuals to manage their condition and get closer to a personal goal.
In addition, Yoga Therapists possess particular knowledge and understanding of common back conditions, as well as various other sports and other related injuries and health conditions and how to specifically treat them according to the student. Yoga stimulates the Autonomic Nervous System, by way of breath-centered movement and this helps to reduce chronic pain, calming the area of the brain which controls pain. The treatment may also include techniques to manage underlying psychological & physiological imbalances.
Yoga in general and Yoga Therapy is widely known for increasing overall health and an overall sense of well being.”
Now, like I said, I’m just learning about Yoga Therapy, so I haven’t gone to Kat…yet.  The other day on my FB time line I came across an incredible deal she was offering.  It was being held just 3 hours from me.  But the timing isn’t right.  It will happen though.
Anyway, I reached out to Kat & asked her to write something out for me about Yoga Therapy.  Here’s what you can look forward to when you schedule with her:
“How can yoga therapy help you? Yoga Therapy is much more than a physical yoga practice. It is specifically designed to treat many physical and psychological conditions, imbalances and disease. A yoga therapist works with an individual or small groups, applying specific movements, breathing practices and other tools designed to directly manage symptoms and causes. Because yoga therapy is designed specifically for your needs, a healing space is created without any pressure to “perform” uncomfortable postures or techniques. Yoga as medicine then, is simplified and the only tools chosen are those which can manage specific conditions. Simple practices are taught and can be given as a daily 10 minute practice that over time has helped many individuals heal and become healthier and happier.”
Check it out –
FB -Yoga Kat – West Coast Yoga and Sports Therapy
Thank you for joining me.  Until next we meet, may you be Blessed.  LB

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