Saturday, April 8, 2017


Have you ever looked into aromatherapy?  Have you seen the variety of aromas & carrier oils & what does it all mean?  Has it boggled your mind & you’ve gone looking for something to kind of untangle all that info?  Well, me too!  Unfortunately I’ve not found something that’s been of help to me.
In our home the motto is “No problems, only solutions”, so I’m going to attempt to explain it as I am beginning to understand it.  I’ve seen some cool charts & may attempt to create one of my own as we go along.  I’ll share as it grows & would love to have feed back from you.
So, to recap, fragrances are as old as the world & humans have been utilizing the oils from the plants that produce the oil.  How we learned about the uses of these oils & where it all started is as shrouded in the depth of history’s secrets as the invention of the wheel.
Referring back to Aromatherapy Pt 1, I thought we would go a bit more in depth of the recorded history of essential oils.  And, as always, first things first.
Egypt has the oldest recordings of using aromatic oils.  Over 4500 years before Jesus walked the earth Egypt was keeping healthy with aromatic oils. 
And that’s where I think we’ll start, looking at the oils for our health.  Lately I’ve been dealing with some breathing issues; my area has had a lot of rainfall, so allergens will be heavy.  
 So it’s settled, we’ll look at lavender, lemon, peppermint & tea tree.  We’ll also look at a few carrier oils to find which ones are recommended for inhaling or massaging.
I will research one a week & break it down into categories.  Remember we talked about agni & soma in Aromatherapy Pt 1?  There are also other categories I would like to use, for instance anti-fungal or relaxing.
I will also touch upon the difference in “organic” & “synthetic” oils.  For true Aromatherapy to have any validity, you must be using organic oils.  It’s not just the aroma of the oils, it’s also its essence, the healing, relaxing, energizing essence we need to have seep into our skin, our lungs, our very soul.
I look forward to this journey of aromas.  I hope you’ll join me.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.  LB

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