Saturday, April 1, 2017

Putting It Together

Greetings & welcome, my friends.  Thank you for joining me.
In these beginning weeks we’ve talked about the basics regarding aromatherapy, meditation, yoga & music.  Now let’s see if we can put them together.
When I prepare for my yoga/meditation time, I start with my aroma.  At this time I’m finding patchouli in the stick incense to be soothing.  I choose patchouli for its antidepressant, aphrodisiac & sedative qualities.
After lighting a stick or two I light an unscented candle.  I like the ambience of candle light & firelight.  I turn my music on low.  I like it as a background.  Then I roll out my yoga mat & grab Dreamer, my Yoga Stick Person.
I start with the Mountain pose.   They're a couple of ways you can perform this pose.  I prefer to stand with my hands by my side, chest open & balanced on my feet.  I focus on the breath now.
Throughout my whole session I focus on my breathing.  I make sure I’m filling up & emptying.  As I inhale I feel the oxygen expanding the tight places, putting space between my vertebrae.  On the exhale all the tightness leaves my body.  All movement is accomplished around the breath.
I have chosen songs which are known to bring me peace.  When my mind wanders I will hear the music.  The peace settles in, aided by the patchouli & I focus on breathing again.
After getting myself grounded & activated in the Mountain pose I pick up Dreamer.  Dreamer is roughly 5 ft tall & maybe 2 inches in diameter.  Made from the branch of a cottonwood tree, there is a protruding branch near the top.  I have wrapped a length of leather strap, tied on some personal charms & fastened some feathers on this small arm.
Still standing in the basic Mountain pose I grasp Dreamer with each hand at the far ends.  This opens up my shoulders.  Then I bring Dreamer behind me, feeling my chest open up.  First time I held that pose I was amazed at how closed my heart area really was & how just holding a stick could make such a difference!
So far I’ve only found a few poses where Dreamer is an aide.  As I  grow & strengthen I’m sure we’ll find other ways.
Soon I am in position on the floor.  Here is where the meditation really gets started.  I’m sitting either cross-legged, diamond or straight leg on my mat.  I can now sit without an aide to keep my back straight.  Through Yoga & practice I am now able to do it by myself.
As I sit, I meditate.  For me it’s about my God.  I focus on Him.  I open up to hear His voice.  I love these times.  It’s when I feel the closet to Papa.
When that time is over I move into Yoga poses again.  I usually end in the same Mountain pose.
I don’t count how long to hold a pose.  I focus on my breathing & let my body move as it needs.  I have found that when I have my music I tend to hold longer & breathe deeper. 
Experiment, my friend.  Your path will open to you.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.

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