Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Beginning

Greetings, my friends.  Thank you for joining me again this week. 
As I said last week, we’ll now start on looking at an aroma a week.  But before we start this series there’s a thing or two I wish to make clear.First, I AM A NOVICE.  CHECK EVERY THING WITH A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL & YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I have a curiosity about aromatherapy & how it can improve my holistic health for me, my home & my work.  These writings are my own research & conclusions.
Second, WARNING:  DO NOT ORALLY INGEST ANY ESSENTIAL OIL BEFORE CONSULTING WITH A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL.  Please do not confuse consuming the oil with consuming the spice.  Cinnamon, peppermint, ginger & others are ingested in spice form & sometimes oil, but these are not as highly concentrated as the essential oil. 
Third, EVERYTHING IS BASED ON THE BREATH.  Without air we can only survive about 3 minutes, so everything about us is based on the breath.  Now, I realize you’ve been breathing for a very long time, but how often have you taken the control?  In aromatherapy, yoga & meditation your breath is key.
So let’s start with the breath.  When you wish to meditate, practice yoga poses or reap the benefits of essential oils, then I’ve found you must be aligned.  When I started I couldn’t sit on the floor with a straight back.  That became my first goal.
To reach that goal I would sit against my closet door.  Scoot my hips to right against the door.  Place both sit-bones evenly on the floor & legs out front.  Maybe not straight…yet, but I could work on it.
Then the breath.  I fill my lower belly, slowly extending it as much as I can.  Then I slowly exhale, pulling my belly in, curving under my ribs into a “C”.  As I pull the air back into my lungs through my nose, I fill the spaces between my vertebrae & as I exhale through the nose the space stays & tension is expelled.
When I started I only did it for about 5 minutes.  That’s all I could handle.  But I kept doing it.  Not every day.  May be not even every other day, but it was something that called to me & I go back.  The more I would sit there, the more I learned to focus on the breath.  The more I focused on the breath, the easier it became to hold my self up.  I can now sit straight backed on the floor.  Now I’m working on other muscles & untying the knots, stretching & contracting my soft tissue.
When you’re ready to play with your breath try inhaling to a count of 5, 10 or whatever is comfortable, then exhaling to the same count.  Another way is to fill up the belly, then fill up your chest, splitting the two with your diaphragm.  On the exhale make sure to empty the chest first then your belly.  Add a count to that breath, it adds a different dimension.
There are others, but I’m not as familiar with them.  If you wish to know more, then I would recommend one of the audio books on sale at my store,
Aromas come in with the breath.  The deeper & slower you inhale the more of the diffused oil permeates your cells.  The essence of the oil can help change your mood, your focus, your outlook on the world.
Join me next week, won’t you?  I’ll start our research with Lavender. 
Thank you for being with me.  Til next we meet, may you Be Blessed.

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