Sunday, June 25, 2017


Greetings my friends.  Let me express my humble apologies for not having a better subject this week.  Life is happening right now.

Briefly, we're pulling over time at my job right now.  We have the 9/80 schedule.  That means in a 2 week pay period there are 10 working days.  I work nine hour days Tuesday through Friday every week.  That's 72 hours.  So, one Monday of the pay period I work 8 hours & have the other one off.

Now we're pulling 12 hour days nine out of the 10 work days.  We're getting somewhere, but it doesn't really show.  Disheartening.

Oh, & let us remember my one way drive is 45 minutes.  Makes for very long days.

But I will tell you that I start my day with Plexus Slim drink & recently add the Vitalbiome.  Half an hour or so later, with my breakfast I take 2 of the Plexus X Factor Plus.  I have either some lemon or peppermint diffusing.

For those over stressed moments at work I have a bottle of peppermint.  I'll take one or two deep breathes & go on about the day.

Once at home, I take pleasure in the routine.  I relax with my dinner, then commune & feed my fur babies.  I finish my evening with Yoga & Meditation while diffusing Lavender.

Keep checking in on me.  Soon I will be back to posting the interesting articles.

Till next we meet, Be Blessed.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Synthetic Oils vs Essential Oils

Good day to each of you.  Thank you for joining me.  Today I would like to discuss the difference between types of oils in the Essential Oils world.

We all know that essential oils are different in the aroma & the reactions each has on the body.  But there’s another difference in the oils you can purchase.  I hope my break down will be of service to you, my friends.

Basically, there are two kinds of Oils.  You have the Essential Oils, made from plants, the oil that is the essence of the plant.  This oil is known for its healing or rejuvenating or cleansing effects on our body & our minds.

There is also the Synthetic variety.  This is made in a laboratory.  It is made completely of man-made chemicals.  It has no physiological effects on the body.  However, the aroma does last longer than the plant-based oils. 

Now, you may be asking yourself “Why would I want to use synthetic oils?”  Well, to be honest, I don’t know why.  But what I do know is that you must educate yourself so when you are purchasing your Oils, you know what to look for before making that purchase. One way to know you’re purchasing a synthetic essential oil is if it comes in a clear bottle.  Since it’s man-made it does not break down very quickly.  One of the reasons the fragrance lasts longer.

Also, with Synthetic Oils you’re more likely to purchase a larger bottle for less cost than a smaller bottle of an Essential Oil.  You may think you’re getting a good deal, but you may not be obtaining what you thought & end up very disappointed.

Part of being educated about the Synthetic & Essential Oil, is also knowing the differences in your Essential Oils.  No, not all plant based Essential Oils are created equally.  It couldn’t be that simple, now could it?  Of course not! Lol

An Essential Oil is either distilled or cold pressed from part or parts of a plant (stems, leaves, roots, etc.).  Essential Oils are fragrant, but where the plant was grown, how it was grown, the growing conditions & how it was harvested will all affect the scent.

There are a few different grades of oils.  In this discussion, we’re only interested in the Absolutes: Organics & Pures.  These are the Essential Oils we’re talking about when we discuss uses & blends.  


That being stated, let us start with Absolutes.  While most Essential Oils are extracted from the plant by the cold press or distilling process, there are some oils that are too delicate or do not respond as well.  So, solvents & chemicals are employed for the extraction.  Most of the chemicals & solvents are removed in the final process, but trace amounts are left behind.

Absolute Oils are highly concentrated.  You must use extreme caution when using.  A very small amount of the Absolute Essential Oil goes a very long way.  This is one of the reason Holistic Aromatherapy prefers the Absolute.

Organic Essential Oils are from plants that are grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. The plant’s Oil is extracted by being either distilled or cold pressed.  No chemicals or solvents are ever introduced to the plant at any part of its growth, or to the extracted oil.

Next is Pure Essential Oils.  The most common definition of a Pure Essential Oil is an oil that has been extracted from plants that may have been exposed to pesticides.  They can use the title of “Pure” because they are extracted for the plant.

I have seen the term “Pure” used as the same as “Organic”, so be sure to do your research on the company where you’re purchasing your oils. 

Other things to look for before purchasing are the differences in the cost of the different oils.  Some Essential Oils are very rare & you should expect to pay more for them.  If Rose oil is the same price as Lavender, you may not be purchasing the best quality of Rose.

One more grade we’ll give an honorable mention here, is Wild Grown.  It can be presumed that if it is growing in the wild, it’s organic.  But as I mentioned earlier, where the plant is grown, & how long it’s been growing, will have an impact on the potency of the oil.

Before committing to a brand, do your research on the company.  You may want to make some purchases & compare the oils.  How do the aromas compare?  Which ones have the effect you desire?

 What works for you?

Friends, I hope, as always, that this has been helpful in your journey.  I look forward to our next meeting.  Until then, Be Blessed.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oils

Welcome again, friends.  I’m honored you chose to drop in today.  I thought today would be a chance to briefly review Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oils.

Lavender is one of the more versatile of the essential oils.  It is cooling, refreshing, relaxing & emotionally balancing.  It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral & has analgesic properties.

Use lavender on its own to relieve the discomfort of sciatica, rheumatism & arthritis.  Use a drop or two on your feet & on your pillow to refresh & calm you for a peaceful sleep.  Rub it in at your temples & the back of your neck to help relieve headaches.  Add it to Epsom salts for a soothing bath that helps relief muscular aches.

Lavender’s sedative action has calmed the heart & palpitation, & brought down high blood pressure.  It’s also known to reduce scarring & cool burns.  

Dilute it with almond oil for use around children & people with sensitive skin.  It will calm the minor upsets of your infant.  It helps relieve colic, irritability, stress, & will ease childhood infections.

Lavender blends well with other essential oils.  Use it with Cedarwood & Tea Tree in your morning shower to help relieve & heal sinus issues from a cold or allergies.  Blend Lavender with Ylang Ylang & Orange in a small spray bottle to aid in calming & for peaceful night’s sleep.  Blending & mixing essential oils enhances & heightens the action of each individual oil.  

Lemon is one of those oils that is great as an essential oil, but the fruit is also edible & healthy for you.  Using organic lemons, you can freeze them, then grate it & eat it like an ice.  The acid in the lemon breaks down in the gut, helping to balance out the body’s PH levels.  Reducing the acid in your body cuts back on the pain & inflammation of rheumatism, gout & arthritis.  

Fresh lemon juice in a cup of warm water makes a great mouthwash.  Drinking it soothes a sore throat, cough, cold, bronchitis & even the flu symptoms, & you can drink it as often as you desire.   

Fresh lemon juice in a warm green tea with a bit of turmeric & organic honey make an awesome detox drink.  It boosts oral health & the digestive process.

The essential oil of the lemon is an excellent cleanser.  When mixed with items like castile soap it can be used on counter tops.  Since it’s an airborne microbial it will also cleanse your air.  Lemon is also refreshing & supports immune health so as you’re cleaning your kitchen you are also uplifting your mental & physical health.

Lemon oil is also an astringent for your skin.  It is a “hot” oil.  This means a little will go a long way.  😊  So, I would recommend diluting it with a carrier oil to use it on your skin.  You can also add a few drops to your Epsom salts before bathing.  Do not go out into the sun for at least eight hours after applying to your skin. 

Peppermint essential oil is probably my favorite.  I find the aroma uplifting, calming, familiar & bold.  Lemon oil is similar, but not as bold.  I find it subtler.  I like Peppermint’s boldness.

Peppermint is antibacterial, antifungal & is an airborne microbial.  It supports your immunity& digestive system.  It stimulates the mind & the body.  It clears stagnation in the body & breaks through emotional blockages.  It alleviates tension headaches, calms the nervous system & opens up the respiratory system.

Dilute Peppermint oil to rub on your stomach.  It can relieve diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, nausea & stomach cramps.

Mix Peppermint oil in your Epsom salt bath.  This will relieve menstrual cramps, stomach cramps, muscular aches, urinary infections, nerve pain & so much more.

Diffusing the essential oil in the air promotes energy & confidence.  It will aid in the improvement of your concentration & memory.  It can alleviate feelings of anger, mental strain, confusion, nervousness, depression, fatigue, anxiety & more.  It uplifts the spirit.

Peppermint oil, like lemon oil, is a hot oil.  Use the same precautions.  Stay out of sunlamps & sunlight for 12 hours after applying to your skin.

Well, that pretty well sums up what we have learned about Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint essential oils.  If you’re just starting this journey into the world of aromatherapy, then these three oils are where you want to begin. 

Please leave comments on your experiences with them.  I would love to hear how they have helped you.

If you are in search of these & others oils, please visit

Please join me next week as we continue our travels through Aromatherapy, Meditation & Yoga. 

Until then, Be Blessed.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Peppermint Pt 2

Greetings & Salutations my Friends!!  I’m delighted you chose to join me this fair day.  Today I would enjoy sharing some of my personal experiences with peppermint.

We’ll start with the fact I’m spoiled.  I tend to act in that way occasionally.  It’s never pleasant & I’m always embarrassed by my lack of control once I calm down.  I’ve been looking for effective ways of gaining the control before acting like a two year old & in peppermint oil I may have found my answer.

Work seems to be the place that frustrates me the most, so I keep a bottle with a small amount of peppermint oil.  It’s right up next to my monitor where I see it.  When an event occurs & I feel the negativity bubbling up, I grab my little bottle, holding it close to my nose & inhale slowly & deeply.  I enjoy the freshness of the aroma.  I feel my positive self rising to the top.  Then I exhale slowly, letting go of the frustration, letting the heat out.  I’ll usually do one more inhale/exhale, then return the bottle to its place & go about my day.  I’m starting to notice now, that at other times, when I feel unreasonable, I can stop, focus on peppermint & bring the peace back to me.  The joy of seeing this growth is overwhelming.

Another use I have found for peppermint is my ear.  Here’s a bit of background.  For the last 10 yrs or so I’ve developed an itching in my ears.  The doctor I’ve had for the last few years recommended a natural cortisone I could pick up at a health food store.  It did alleviate the itching, but it never went away. 

Then in March of this year, after flying to Montana & back I developed a horrible ear ache.  I went to urgent care 3 times for the same issue.  Their ways did not fix the underlying issue. The itching has stopped though.  😊  I was finally able to end the aching using a home remedy.

As of today, I am still having occasional issues, but most are gone.  But when my ear does start to act up, I use a drop or two of peppermint oil on a spot of cotton.  I place the cotton against my ear opening, not inside the canal & go to bed.  When I wake up in the morning all the symptoms are gone.

Peppermint has become one of my favorites to drop in my little tealight warmer.  I get home from a hectic day & a little peppermint warming next to me turns my evenings around.  It gives me that second wind to get through making my dinner, feeding my animals, doing[H1] [H2]  some dabbling in my on-line store,, ending it with yoga & meditation.

Thank you for spending your time with me this day.  I do enjoy it.  Please leave any comments, I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, Be Blessed.