Sunday, June 25, 2017


Greetings my friends.  Let me express my humble apologies for not having a better subject this week.  Life is happening right now.

Briefly, we're pulling over time at my job right now.  We have the 9/80 schedule.  That means in a 2 week pay period there are 10 working days.  I work nine hour days Tuesday through Friday every week.  That's 72 hours.  So, one Monday of the pay period I work 8 hours & have the other one off.

Now we're pulling 12 hour days nine out of the 10 work days.  We're getting somewhere, but it doesn't really show.  Disheartening.

Oh, & let us remember my one way drive is 45 minutes.  Makes for very long days.

But I will tell you that I start my day with Plexus Slim drink & recently add the Vitalbiome.  Half an hour or so later, with my breakfast I take 2 of the Plexus X Factor Plus.  I have either some lemon or peppermint diffusing.

For those over stressed moments at work I have a bottle of peppermint.  I'll take one or two deep breathes & go on about the day.

Once at home, I take pleasure in the routine.  I relax with my dinner, then commune & feed my fur babies.  I finish my evening with Yoga & Meditation while diffusing Lavender.

Keep checking in on me.  Soon I will be back to posting the interesting articles.

Till next we meet, Be Blessed.


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