Saturday, July 22, 2017


Greetings & salutations dear friends!  Your presence brings joy to my soul.  I pray my writings bring some value to our time together.

Wow, life. Big subject.  It sure has a way of changing your plans, doesn’t it?  Take mine for example.  When I took on the commitment of blogging I choose to make it a weekly thing. 

I have done well doing just that for quite a bit of time.  Then life hit.  Things at work have gone nuts.  Let me see if I can explain.

I work at a District Attorney’s office in SoCal.  I like to describe my job as the stage manager for the Deputy District Attorney’s show.  I obtain the digital or paper discovery, make copies for the DDA & defense, convert formats for DDA ease of use, redact from audio & video recordings so the jury doesn’t get bored, video tape hearings in case we “lose” that witness before the trial, take photos of defendant tattoos (regardless of what body part it may be on), serve SDTs for hospital records, serve subpoenas for uncooperative witnesses/victims (after using numerous systems to locate them) & then have the privilege of transporting these delightful folks to & from court.  I think that covers it in a nutshell.

Now, if any of you have heard of the political atmosphere in California lately, you know it is not geared towards curbing crime.  An example is how the liberals of this state decided that if a convicted felon (or anyone else) steals a gun, it’s only a misdemeanor.  Seriously, a misdemeanor.  When people are stealing guns & killing other people, but it’s ok.  We’ll just slap you on the wrist.

So, surprise, surprise, crime goes up.  Now, let’s throw in that Law Enforcement is getting a really bad rap for enforcing the law.  Yes, I know there are bad cops out there, but not all, not even most are deliberately using force under cover of authority.

I caught a news story the other day.  A convicted gang banger, out on parole & later to be found under the influence of a controlled substance, &, oh yes, had a hand gun, lead the cops on a high-speed chase through a residential neighborhood.  For the record, the cop cars were using their attention-getting disco lights & loud ear-shattering sirens as their way of asking him to stop for an amicable chat.  He crashed the car, jumped out & started running, giving the appearance he was declining the invitation.  Cops stop their cars, jump out & give chase.  Now the cops are vocally telling him who they represent & asking him to stop for their little chat.  I’m sure you’re as surprised as I am that he kept running.  They caught him on the sidewalk in front of this lady’s house.  She had heard the commotion (difficult not to hear it) &, out of natural curiosity, steps out of her front door to watch the proceedings.

Now, for whatever reason the news channel decided this is what the people want to see, so they send a news crew out.  This lady now has her 15 minutes of fame.  How is she going to play it out?  She decides to tell the camera how, in her opinion (based, I’m sure, on her experience deeply involved in the Law Enforcement) that the Officers used excessive force to ensure they had the opportunity to speak w/the gentleman.  That’s it lady, go with the herd, it’s safer.

Now, I will step onto the other side of the fence & speak of the tragedy of the lady in Minneapolis recently.  Yoga instructor, soon to be bride, planning the wedding, all shows a young woman who is an asset to the world.  She’s heard negative sounds.  Her moral compass calls upon her to call those whom we trust “To Protect & Serve”.  She gets involved. 

We know what happened, but let me explore how it could have also played out.  She runs out of her house to flag down the officers.  They see her, stop the car, jump out, chase down a bad guy & put him away.  Our Yoga Instructor now has the appreciation of a grateful community.  Happy, & preferable, ending.

May we now take a look at the cops’ viewpoint?  I’m just guessing on this, of course, but from my years with the District Attorney’s office, around these men & women who live this job, listening to them tell their stories, I might have an idea.

We have two young men.  Both have been on for less than two years.  Between them they have under 4 years of experience.  I’ve heard that to be considered to be a “seasoned cop” you need at least 5 years on the force.

In the last few years the news has been full of stories where people in this career of Law Enforcement have been shot, execution style, while answering calls for help.  I don’t know about you, but I could see where they might be a bit on the jumpy side. 

So, it’s dark, probably one of the nicer neighborhoods, but, still, a call for help has gone out, a bad person is out there.  These men are on high alert.  Someone comes running at them.  One of the officers reportedly heard a loud bang & he reacts.  A young woman is now dead.

Just in case you’re wondering, I do not condone this officer’s actions.  As a Monday morning quarterback, I think he should be invited to seek out a different career.  From the information I’m going off of, what he did was not a criminal act.  Of course, I wasn’t there, so I’m just guessing.

I’m not sure what my point is for this rant.  I guess the theme is to give the cops the benefit of the doubt.  Geez, you may know you’re not out to hurt them, but let your actions reflect the same.  If a cop asks you to stop, then stop.  If you’re asked to show your hands, then show your hands.

One last story & I’ll step off my soapbox.  Some public skatepark somewhere USA.  Skaters gather to say good-bye to a friend.  Some of the skaters choose to permanently mark up the cement as a memorial to their friend.  What some of us would call “graffiti”.  As I understand the news report, other folks who were visiting another part of the park with their small children, grew concerned at such a large gathering & call Law Enforcement.

The cops showed up & asked the crowd of skaters to disperse.  Instead of gathering up their personal items & heading for another location to continue the mourning process, they choose to surround the officers.  Then they started banging their skateboards on the ground, while surrounding the cops.  No, that wouldn’t appear threatening to anybody, would it?

The kid whose interview showed up on the news couldn’t understand why Law Enforcement should have started taking a more aggressive stance.  I guess he thought the skaters should be allowed to do what the skaters wanted to do & never mind how it might affect other folks.

Ok, I promised to step down & I will keep that promise.  My point, when I started was how busy it’s gotten at work.  We’ve been pulling a lot of overtime & with my commute it’s just wearing me out. 

Also, recently, I discovered the atmosphere in our work place is receiving some negative energy.  You know how wearing that can be also. 

Bottom line, I can only work on the blog every other weekend, so for a while, I’m only posting bi-monthly.

Look for me in two weeks.

Til next we meet, Be Blessed



Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tea Tree aka Melalueca Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil has been used in Australia since before written records.  It is extracted from the leaves & stems of the Melaleuca (mel a lu ka) plant.  The Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia.  It is a native of Australia, although it has been transplanted to other countries.

Tea Tree or Melaleuca Essential Oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic & antibiotic.  It is a must for any Essential Oil first aid & home cleaning.  It can kill mold, heal topical skin issues, treat viral infections, cure athlete’s foot, bad breath & so much more.

Functional medical doctors will prescribe Tea Tree & Oregano Essential Oils as an alternative to conventional drugs.  These Essential Oils have been found to be just as effective, but have none of the unfavorable side effects.  In fact, some of these oils have even had positive synergistic effects.  They actually prevented the development of antibiotic resistance! 

***HOWEVER, Tea Tree Essential Oil is for topical uses only!!  It is poisonous when taken internally!!  do not ingest!!***

Now, with that being stated, let us move on to all the wonderful things about Tea Tree Essential Oil.

As I mentioned it grows naturally in Australia.  Mostly in the south-east region, but you’ll find the oil in just about every home medicine cabinet throughout the continent.  It’s been used as a cure-all by the original inhabitants beyond memory. 

I read one time that for every disease Mother Nature creates, she also provides the cure.  Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of those cures.  Because of the nature of the Tropics bacteria, fungi & infection can quickly get out of hand.  In tropical areas, like Australia, a scratch, bite or wound can quickly become the most horrible & dangerous bacterial infection.  But when a drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil is applied, it stops infection before it starts.  If an infection has already begun, then a bit of the oil will start killing it off.

Tea Tree Essential Oil can also be used to clear up skin eruptions.  It clears up the sebum (an oily substance produce by the body to naturally moisturize & lubricate the skin) glands & eliminates the bacteria in the skin.  It’s been known to relieve eczema, psoriasis & the dreaded acne.  Tea Tree Essential Oil leaves the skin healthier & smoother in a very short time.

Another way we get sick is by the toxins that build up in our bodies.  One of the ways the body rids itself of these toxins is to sweat.  Tea Tree Essential Oil is a sudorific.  This means it increases your sweating to promote toxin removal.

As you can imagine with increased sweating comes the unwelcome body odor.  Well, what do you know, Tea Tree Essential Oil can eliminate the aroma as it is eliminating the bacteria & toxins that cause body odor.

Tea Tree Essential Oil also works as an anti-inflammatory & encourages blood flow.  Increase blood flow & you speed up the healing process while increasing the growth of new tissue & cells.  So the next time you’ve over worked your muscles or twisted a joint wrong, reach for your Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil boosts your immune system, stimulates blood circulation & hormone secretions, is effective against viral & fungal infections, gives relief from coughs, colds & congestion, aids in wounds healing faster & reduces dandruff & hair loss.

Add Tea Tree Essential Oil to your shampoo or lotion.  It repels lice, fleas, flies, mosquitoes.  Because it absorbs well through the skin into the body it can aid in killing such things as round worms, tape worms & hook worms.  You can apply Tea Tree Essential Oil directly to wounds, boils, sores, cuts & insect bites & stings.

Tea Tree Essential Oil mixes well with other Essential Oils.  It’s gentle like Lavender Essential Oil, so it can be applied undiluted to the skin.  Always use caution when using undiluted Essential Oils.  You can build up a resistance with overuse.  That’s like an allergy & that oil will not work for you anymore.  In fact, you’ll even have adverse reactions.

So, to recap, Tea Tree Essential Oil has been known to heal bacterial infections, chickenpox, cold sores, congestion, respiratory tract infections, earaches, fungal infections, bad breath, head lice, MRSA, strep infection, boils, psoriasis, insect bites, sores & sunburns.

There’s also the household areas you can use Tea Tree Essential Oil.  It’s a anti-microbial laundry freshener, insect repellant, natural deodorant, acne face wash, it removes mold & is a natural household cleaner.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest in Tea Tree Essential Oil aka Melaleuca Oil.  There’s so many uses for this special oil.

Til next we meet, Be Blessed



Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Why

Good day to each of you!  I am so delighted you joined me.  I thought today’s topic should be the “why”.  Well, my why anyway.

I have this young friend.  She’s my husband’s nephew’s wife.  Really a sweet, caring, energetic young woman.  Last year their little family came out here for a family celebration.  During the visit Manda shared *Plexus with us.  Specifically, *Plexus Slim Drink.

*Plexus is a company that makes these amazing, all-natural products.  These products are designed to improve your overall health by assisting in healing your gut, balancing your blood sugar & reducing inflammation.  It has been proven that most of our health issues stem from our gut’s inability to process what we put down there & the lack of nutrients it needs to function.  For more information regarding Plexus please let me know in the comments below or private message.

At that time I was looking for something that would help me elevate my energy level & help me lose weight.  I tried the sample drink.  I liked the flavor & really did notice in increase in my energy, just from the sample.  That was enough for me.  I joined the *Plexus team.

Since then I’ve learned a lot more about their products, like *Pro Biotics 5, *Bio Cleanse & healing my gut.  It’s such a good fit with my Meditation, Yoga & Essential Oils.  Each cleansing parts of my being.  My mind, my body, my spirit, my heart or any combination of them. 

Well, one day Manda & I were chatting & she commented how many toxins are in & around us.  She said it’s a losing battle, but with *Plexus she feels like we are fighting back.  I realized she might be interested in detoxing another part of her life & her family’s life.  That’s when I mentioned to her about this blog.

I gave some thought to what I want her to take from my writings.  How I can show her the connection between Essential Oils, Meditation, Yoga & *Plexus?  And why I would recommend to anyone to incorporate each into their life.

Since I joined Manda’s *Plexus team I have learned about detoxing my body. I use my *Plexus products to help clean out my gut while healing it.  On  the Google Plus account I have for my store I learned of a drink that helps detox the body.  I also learned that using baking powder & Epsom salts makes a wonderful detox bath.  When you add the Essential Oil Lavender you take it to the next level.

The detox drink I prefer includes the juice of half a fresh lemon.  Lemon is also an Essential Oil & a great oil with which to clean.  Using a recipe of a few natural ingredients & Essential Oils you can make a cleaner for your kitchen that will clean it as well, if not better than the store brought cleaners you use now.  The aromas of the Essential Oils will also uplift your mood.

I see both Yoga & Meditation as detoxing processes.  I combine the two & take my time in the evenings.  For me that’s the time I clear my mind & soul of my daily life.  I learned that the breath is the center of every pose & every move in Yoga.  One inhales, letting the air into all nooks & crannies, feeling your body inflate like a balloon.  The air puts space in your body.  Then the exhale expels out the negative energy, the tension loosens its grip & you feel lighter.  A detox for my soul.

As I breath, I meditate, thoughts move through the open door.  As I see the colorful ones, I feel the joy bubble up & I smile.  This always encourages more brightly colored thoughts to float through the door.  The darker ones seem to dissipate or maybe they’re crowded out.  Either way, this is a detox for my mind.

Why is detoxing so important to me?  Look at the chemicals that are in the products we wouldn’t think of living without using.  Toothpaste, soap, detergent, deodorant, etc. Do you have any cavities?  Crowns?  Too much of that is metal or chemicals & that leaks into our bodies.  The chemicals in our water?  Manda’s right, it is a losing battle, but every little bit we can do to fight back is a step in the right direction.

So, Manda, what I would like most for you to take away from my writing would be this, I love *Plexus & I believe *Plexus is a piece of the puzzle for detoxing & healing our bodies.  I believe Essential Oils, Yoga & Meditation are other pieces.  I would love to have you join me on this journey of a more holistic healing.  I do not discount formal medicine, but I believe we need to look more at natural cleaning, prevention & remedies before putting traditional medical remedies.

Thank you all for spending this time with me.  I am humbled & appreciative of your time & hope I have brought some value to it.

‘Til next we meet, Be Blessed


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