Monday, April 30, 2018


My dear, dear friends.  It is with a heavy heart I must take a sabbatical from our time together.  I do not wish to burden you with details, nor will I give voice to the darkness that is threatening my beloveds.  Know that I will return, victorious against the darkness & stronger than ever.

In the interim, please send prayers full of love & light.
I thank you for your time & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Apology

Welcome dear friends!  I am so sorry!  Somehow time slipped away & I have nothing prepared for this week!

I just finished Rosemary & sent it off to my editor.  It will be ready for next week.  So for this week, I'll just wing it.

I do have some exciting news I would love to share with you.  I have a book coming out!  Yes, I am also an author! 

Wow!  An author!  I've worked on writing stories since I was a kid.  It's rather awesome to finally reach that goal.  But this is just the first book.  There will be more!

Also coming soon is the video of the first quarter's success of New Year Resolution.

So, keep an eye on this site for upcoming items.

I thank you for your time & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bergamot Essential Oil

Dear, dear friends, I welcome you to our time together.  It brings joy when we gather.  And today’s topic, Bergamot Essential Oil, also brings joy to Aromatherapy.  

The bergamot fruit grows mainly in the Mediterranean, preferring the temperate climate.  The fruit was actually named for the Italian city of Bergamo, where the bergamot oil trade started, thousands of years ago.  The benefits of this little powerhouse are underutilized today, though.

It’s of the citrus family, probably a hybrid of a lemon & orange.  The orange making the juice sweeter than the lemon.  The aroma reminds me of the lemon, but without the tartness, giving it a calming & soothing aroma.


Bergamot Essential Oil is analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, astringent, deodorant, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, laxative & sedative.  It will improve blood circulation, prevent infections, reduces pain, relaxes & sedates, aids in digestion, good for your skin, eliminates bad odors in the air, on your body & pet odors, reduces fevers, kills germs, relieves spasms, aids in healing & so much more.  

I mentioned it improves blood circulation.  When your blood is flowing the anti-depressant chemicals of Bergamot are creating feelings of joy & energy.  These chemicals also stimulate your hormonal secretions.  This helps maintain your metabolic rates.  This, in turn, aids in digestion by increasing digestive juices, bile & insulin, helping in absorbing nutrients & with  the assimilation & decomposition of sugar.  Reducing your blood sugar improves your neurological & mental conditions. 

Using Bergamot Essential Oil in your skin & hair care products can prohibit & protect from infections.  The disinfectant & anti-biotic components inhibit the growth of fungi, germs & viruses.  It’s known to cure colon, intestine, urinary tract & kidney infections.

Instead of turning to over the counter pain medications with their side effects, try the analgesic properties of Bergamot Essential Oil first.  It stimulates the hormones which dull the nerves’ sensitivity to pain.  It has helped in the cases of muscle aches, headaches & other ailments where you would use analgesic medicines.

Related to those symptoms  are nervous tension, stress & anxiety.  Bergamot Essential Oil has flavonoids which relax & soothe the nerves.  This can help alleviate & cure depression, high blood pressure & insomnia.  These flavonoids also stimulate dopamine & serotonin production, inducing feelings of well-being & sedation.

Earlier I mentioned how this Essential Oil activates the secretion of your digestive acids, bile, & enzymes.  This aids in breaking down your food.  Bergamot Essential Oil synchronizes & regulates the rhythm of your intestines, reducing the strain to your intestinal tract & quickening the digestive process.  This, in turn, reduces constipation & can prevent gastrointestinal complications.

Bergamot Essential Oil is utilized in the elimination of acne scars.  It aids in the uniform distribution of melanin & pigments.  This leaves behind an even, attractive skin tone.  Marks & scars just fade away.

It aids in the elimination of painful skin conditions like acne, psoriasis & boils.  It relieves itchy, dry skin, reduces oily skin, soothes insect bites & cold sores.

Citrus aromas are quite strong & Bergamot Essential Oil is no exception.  This makes it wonderful for overcoming or eliminating odors.  Use it in your deodorant.  It not only covers up any body odor, but it’s disinfectant properties inhibit the growth of odor-causing germs.  It’s great for refreshing & disinfecting rooms.

Bergamot Essential Oil, as an anti-biotic, fights infections, caused by bacteria, viruses & protozoa that cause fevers.  It also stimulates your metabolic system, increasing gland secretions,  which provides a feeling of warmth.  This results in toxins being cleansed from the body through perspiration, ultimately reducing your body temperature.

Use a few drops in your vaporizer during cough & cold season.  It will help loosen the phlegm, making it easier to cough out.  During the day, when you’re having difficulties breathing, rub a drop or two in your palms, cup your nose & breath in the vapors.

If the congestion is severe, mix a few drops each of Bergamot Essential Oil & 1Eucalyptus Essential Oil in your diffuser. 

Bergamot Essential Oil can be used to prevent bad breath.  You can add a drop or two to some warm water.  Use it as a rinse or gargle.  The sweet citrus smell provides freshness, and the anti-microbial property kills the germs.  Regular rinsing of your mouth with Bergamot Essential Oil can help prevent cavities.  For a tooth ache you can apply a drop to the tooth & then rinse well.

Such a versatile, fragrant Essential Oil.  I know I’ve said this about a few different oils, but Bergamot Essential Oil deserves to be in your first aid kit.  And your bathroom.  And kitchen.  Well, I think you get the idea.

I thank you for your time & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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1Eucalyptus Essential Oil, October 15, 2017  You can purchase it at

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ylang Ylang Essential OIl

Greetings to you, my dear friends.  I am so happy you’re joining me.  Today we’re going to look at Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (cananga odorata) is distilled from the tropical, star-shaped flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree (pronounced ee-lahng ee-lahng).  This tree originated in the rainforests of the Philippines, then introduced to the Comoro Islands & Madagascar & now can be commonly found growing in the rainforests of certain Asian & South Pacific Islands like Indonesia, Java, Sumatra & Polynesia.

The distillation of Ylang Ylang is a bit different.  Other Essential Oils are typically put through the distillation process once, producing one grade.  The Ylang Ylang flowers go through the distillation process four times, producing four grades of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.  They are, in order of fractions, Extra (or Complete), I, II & III.    This process can affect the aroma & composition of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.  The best quality for Aromatherapy is the Extra & Ylang Ylang I.

The sweet, rich, spicy, yet delicate floral fragrance make Ylang Ylang Essential Oil a favorite in perfumes, but it is much more than a nice aroma.  The health benefits are numerous & varied.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is an anti-depressant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-spasmodic, anti-seborrheic, nervine, aphrodisiac, hypotensive & a sedative substance.  Ylang Ylang flower is used to make a tea, which also possesses these attributes.

It’s been known to aid in the treatment of Seborrheic Eczema.  This skin disease is a malfunction of the sebaceous glands.   (We talked about Sebaceous Cysts on 10/29/17 (see Sebaceous Cyst & Essential Oils)).  Seborrheic Eczema is caused by the irregular production of sebum.  This causes epidermal cells to become infected.  The result is white or pale-yellow skin which can be either dry or greasy.  As this infected skin starts peeling off it can be rather unattractive & painful.  It tends to occur on the scalp, eyebrows & wherever you find hair follicles.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is known to help regulate sebum production & treat the infection.  This, in turn, reduces the irritation & redness, calming the skin.

It works as an anti-septic.  Cuts, abrasions or burns can become infected.  Ylang Ylang Essential Oil inhibits microbial growth & disinfects the wounds.  This property protects wounds from bacteria, virus & fungus.  It also increases the speed with which your wounds heal.  This makes it a great Essential Oil in the combat against acne.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is a health booster for the nervous system. It strengthens the nervous system and repairs any damage it may have suffered. Furthermore, it also reduces stress on the nerves and protects them from developing any number of nervous disorders. 

It’s hypotensive, which means it helps lower your blood pressure.  Since high blood pressure has become a major health issue & the pharmaceutical medications are causing more issues, Ylang Ylang has been tested & proven to be just as effective, yet without the side effects.

Ylang Ylang is considered to be one of the most powerful of the aphrodisiac Essential Oils.  Indonesian newlyweds will find their honeymoon suite covered in the flowers. It energizes you, intensifies eroticism, increases libido, promotes feelings of trust & attraction between lovers.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is also known to aid in your meditation practice.  It encourages releasing negative energy like low self-esteem, anger & jealously (something I’m working on in myself).  This Essential Oil promotes the positive energy of self-confidence, spiritual awareness & gratitude.  It supports a greater alignment of your mind, body & spirit.

For your Chakra work, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is said to help balance the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.  We haven’t talked about  Chakras.  That would be an entire blog of its own.  But these two Chakras are located between just below your heart & just above your pelvis, your gut area.

Some other benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil are in the cure of infections in certain organs, like your stomach, intestines, urinary tract & colon.  It has helped people with insomnia & fatigue due to its calming effect on your nervous system.  It also maintains the moisture & oil balance of your skin, keeping it hydrated, smooth & young.

Be careful when first using Ylang Ylang Essential Oil as it can cause headaches for some individuals, especially if diffused in high concentration.  Always test patch first & use in moderation.

Ylang Ylang is of the floral family of Essential Oils.  There are eight families (camphourous, citrus, earthy, floral, herbaceous, resinous,  spicy & woody) & we’ve not talked much about them yet, either.  Another category used for Essential Oils is what is known as “Perfumery Notes”.  Those are top, middle & base & refer to the strength of the aroma.  (Ylang Ylang is a base note to middle aroma.)  Both these categories are important when you’re blending aromas & we will be going in depth with each soon.

I thank you for your attention & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Frankincense Essential Oil

Oh my gosh!!  I’m so excited!!  I finally have Frankincense Essential Oil!!!

Oops!  In my excitement I totally forgot my manners!!  Greetings & welcome to LBEliteAromas blog.  We discuss Aromatherapy, Essential Oils. Meditation & Yoga.  Today we’ll talk about a very old & famous Essential Oil, Frankincense.

Ok, so, where was I?  Oh yes!  I remember!!!  I’m so excited!!  My Frankincense Essential Oil arrived
today!!!   I’ve been curious about Frankincense since I started this community & the time finally arrived!!  Now, lets look at this ancient oil.

Frankincense (Boswellia sacara) come from the old French “franc encens”, meaning “quality incense”.  Frankincense was highly valued by kings & the wealthy during ancient times.  You may have heard it was one of the gifts from the Magi or Wise Men to Baby Jesus.  Gold (symbol of kinship on earth), Frankincense (symbol of deity) & Myrrh (symbol of death).  There’s more to these gifts then the spiritual symbols & we’re only going to explore some of the other properties of Frankincense today.

As I mentioned, Frankincense was a highly valued commodity for thousands of years.  Ancient Egyptians would buy the resin by the boatloads from the Phoenicians.  Since at least 500 BC Frankincense has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine.

One of the reasons is because of its health properties (although some of its other applications include insect repellent, perfume, incense & embalming).  Frankincense Essential Oil can reduce pain & inflammation, it boosts the immune system & mood, combats infections, aids in digestion, is analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, anti-septic, an expectorant, aids in the relief of coughs, sore throats, strep, pneumonia, staph infections, reduces stress, calms the nervous system, boosts the mood & more.

At the time Jesus was born, infant mortality rate was very high.  Frankincense would have been used by the wealthy to improve their child’s chances of survival.  This would have been a very practical & appropriate gift to give a king.

Frankincense Essential Oil is actually derived from the gummy sap that oozes from a cut in the bark of the Boswellia tree.  This is allowed to harden & dry, then scraped off the
tree.  This teardrop-shaped resin is the natural state of Frankincense.  It’s how it would have been used in antiquity.  It is edible & often chewed like gum.  It is also burned in this form & crushed for use.  There’s a whole other process to turn it into the liquid oil & some of its properties are lost in the process.

That doesn’t mean that Frankincense Essential Oil is of any less use, because there are many uses & benefits we can obtain from it.

Frankincense Essential Oil is known to strengthen your skin, improve the tone & elasticity & reduces the signs of aging.  It can help fade scars, acne & stretch marks.   It can lift the skin & heal dry or cracked skin.

It’s an antiseptic & disinfectant.  Diffused in your home can help eliminate the cold & flu germs from both home & body.  It will aid in the prevention of germs forming on your skin, mouth or in your home.  You can make your own disinfectant cleaner using a Frankincense blend instead of harmful chemicals.

There have been studies that demonstrate the immune-enhancing abilities of Frankincense Essential Oil.  It helps destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses & even some cancers.  Using Frankincense in a homemade mouth rinse will help prevent bad breath, cavities, mouth sores, gingivitis, toothaches & other infections.

Frankincense is used to assist the digestive system in properly detoxing & its elimination from the body.  It helps in reducing bloating & PMS related [stomach pains].  It relieves [stomach pain], cramping & nausea.  It encourages proper digestive health by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes, urination production, relaxing the digestive tract muscles & improving circulation.  Frankincense Essential Oil has shown to be beneficial in relieving symptoms of chronic colitis, ulcerative colitis, leaky gut syndrome, IBS & Crohn’s disease.

It acts as a sleep aid by lowering anxiety levels or chronic stress.  The aroma of Frankincense
Essential Oil is calming, grounding, helping you fall naturally asleep.  It can eliminate aches & pains & allows your body to better regulate your ideal sleeping temperature by opening your breathing passages.

Dealing with symptoms of an imbalance of your hormone levels?  Symptoms like cramps, pain, headaches, constipation, fatigue, mood swings, nausea or anxiety dragging you down?  Frankincense Essential Oil can help balance your hormones, providing relief of these symptoms.  It also helps with regulating estrogen production & could help reduce the risks of tumors or cysts.

The chemical make-up of Frankincense can inhibit the production of key inflammatory molecules that are associated with arthritis, asthma, IBS & more.  Frankincense is useful in preventing the breakdown of cartilage tissue.  It aids in the reduction of painful or dangerous inflammation.  This makes it a natural option for conditions that affect muscles, joints & tendons.

Maybe one of the most interesting findings is how Frankincense has been shown to help fight specific types of cancer cells.  The chemical compound AKBA, which is found in Frankincense, is successful at killing cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy, thus making it a natural cancer treatment, potentially.

Let’s take a moment & look at the last two paragraphs.  Inflammation & cancer.  From what I’m learning, these are the two biggest scourges of our lifetime & it’s believed that inflammation is actually one of the causes of cancer.  That leaves us with inflammation being the Number 1 cause of all our ailments, aches, pains, illnesses, diseases, etc.

But it doesn’t really stop there.  There is research that is showing that the cause of inflammation in the body is poor gut health.  While we could take more steps back, lets stop the trail here.  Frankincense can aid in gut health.

Now, let me make this clear, I am not advocating oral ingestion of any Essential Oil.  My research does show that in low quantity pure or organic Frankincense Essential Oil is safe.  My research also shows you can use the oil topically for the same results.  Be aware, results may vary & time could be longer.

But, you can blend Frankincense Essential Oil with the carrier oil of your choice & apply to the gut area.  The oils will be absorbed in through the skin to the organs & circulatory system where the chemicals will do what they can.  Frankincense Essential Oil can only be a piece of the puzzle for
your ultimate overall health.

Doesn’t Frankincense Essential Oil sound like just the answer to almost anything?  Well, as with everything, there is a darker side.  Frankincense is usually well-tolerated, especially compared to prescription medications.  Remember, all things in moderation & that includes Essential Oils.  Ingesting large quantities of Frankincense can be toxic.  Topical overuse (usually of undiluted oil) can cause adverse reactions.  Frankincense is known to react negatively with some anti-coagulant medications, so folks with clotting issues should consult with their doctor first.

So far, we’ve only looked at the physical side of Frankincense, but before we part today, I wish to quickly share another side of this incredible Essential Oil.  The spiritual side.

The woody, earthy, slightly fruity/sweet, warm & spicy aroma of Frankincense Essential Oil induces feelings of peace, satisfaction & relaxation.  Add some drops to Epsom Salts for a hot stress-relief bath.  Diffuse the oil in your home to fight anxiety.  Using Frankincense Essential Oil Aromatherapy has aided some to a higher level of intuition & spiritual connection.

So, you see, Frankincense Essential Oil is another must have oil for your first aid kit.  The pure or organic oil is a little more expensive, so you may want, or need, to put it on your wish list.

My friends, thank you for your attention today.  I pray you are able to take glean some useful information from today’s study.  Please click the share button for your friends.  And leave me a comment.  I read them all.

Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Aromatherapy & Safety

My dear friends, I welcome you to my home.  I’m so glad you are joining me.  I appreciate your time & hope you can find some tips.
Today I feel the need to speak of a very real issue that is arising fast.  That is Aromatherapy, Essential Oils & safety.
A very dear friend of mine tagged me on social media.  It was a story of a lady & her sweet little dog.  This lady, we’ll call her Jill, shared her experience on social media so others could avoid the same issue.
In Jill’s share she stated she had just bought a new diffuser & from the sounds of it, was running it continuously for a few days.  She was using Tea Tree Essential Oil (see Tea Tree aka Melaleuca Essential Oil, July 9, 2017).
Jill reported that her little dog has a dog walker because Jill works some long hours.  What I’m understanding from this is Jill, unknowingly, was running her new diffuser with an antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, home cleaning, mold-killing, viral infection killing, athlete’s foot cure concentrated Essential Oil in a confined space where the dog couldn’t get away.  For extended periods of time this poor animal was breathing in these properties.  Yes, the dog got sick.
Does this make Jill a bad pet mom?  To be honest, I don’t know.  There’s too much I don’t know about the situation.  I do believe she was not aware of the dangers of using Essential Oils as opposed to Aromatic Scents.  I believe she was uneducated on how powerful Essential Oils truly are.
And since this is becoming a problem, I thought we should go over some basics regarding Essential Oils.  I love my Oils & am growing in my use of them.  I want to share with my community, so you can look for a more natural way to handle some of your issues.  But safety is so very important.  Using Essential Oils incorrectly can be just as dangerous as using pharmaceutical drugs incorrectly.
Let’s start with the number one fact: ESSENTIAL OILS ARE CHEMICALS. 
Period.  The end.  Just because they’re natural does not mean there are no safety concerns.  All chemicals must be respected & understood before you use them.
Essential Oils are one of nature’s most powerful tools.  They have been used for thousands of years to enhance our living & well-being.  They ease aches & pains.  They relieve coughs & colds.  We use them to fight infections & prevent illnesses.  It’s been said that for every ailment of man, God has provided the cure in nature.  Essential Oils are a big part of the cure.
As I said, Essential Oils are chemicals.  A good example would be the photosensitive oils, also known as “hot” oils.    A hot oil is generally your citrus group.  Lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, etc.  When applied topically the photosensitive chemical will react with ultraviolet light when it exposed to it.  Extended exposure will cause inflammation, blistering, reddening & burning of the skin.
But even Lavender Essential Oil, as calming in its uses, is powerful stuff.  There have been & are still on-going studies of the drug “clotrimazole” & Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) on Candida albicans (1Scientifica 10/13/15, 2Caspian Journal of Reproductive Medicine 9/6/14, 3Dr. EricZ Living the Abundant Life 6/10/17).  These studies are showing that Lavandula angustifolia is just as effective at killing candida 4in vitro as the pharmaceutical chemical “clotrimazole” after the first 24-48 hours.  What makes Lavender Essential Oil a better option is it has more benefits & less side effects then the pharmaceutical.
More traditional doctors are more often recommending Essential Oils instead of prescribing pharmaceuticals.  Science is confirming what has been known for thousands of years, Essential Oils are nature’s cures.  One of the facts found about Tea Tree Essential Oil is it is just as effective as pharmaceutical antibiotics, yet without the negative side effects, & has a positive synergistic effect.  This means Tea Tree Essential Oil is also preventing antibiotic resistance from developing.
We have learned how to use Nature’s bounty to nourish, support & heal our bodies.  We also have learned which ones will hurt us, even kill us.  But in the last 50-100 years or so, we have been taught to trust what man can make & have forgotten Nature’s lessons.  But because Nature is so good at what she does, we are drawn back to her.  We now need to re-learn the lessons of what is good for us & when it can turn harmful.
Please, my friends, before using any organic or pure Essential Oil, do your research!  Learn how the chemicals in the oil effect your body.  And always, always remember ALL THINGS IN MODERATION!!
If you went to a traditional doctor & he prescribed a pharmaceutical drug, you would take it as prescribed, correct?  Prescriptions are in moderation, correct?  Then why wouldn’t you use chemically  based Essential Oils in moderation?
We have travelled so far from our natural roots.  We live in segregated communities, on concrete land, no longer connected to the earth, or others.  No longer grounded into Nature or in tune with her.  We have insulated ourselves into the “safety” of man-made products & forgotten our survival safety knowledge.
Now, as we are seeking more natural ways of healing our minds, bodies & spirits we must also learn to think outside the box we crawled into years ago.  We must realize everything is two-sided, a possible danger to us & even more so to the young, small, elderly & sensitive.  We must realize & research the possible benefits & dangers of returning to nature for everyone in our home.
Please, my dear friends, please, start slow on your path with Aromatherapy & Essential Oils.  Find one you like & read up about it.  What are the properties, what is it known to effect?  Do a patch test to see if you have a reaction to it, both on your skin & your olfactory senses.  There’s a certain blend that will, on most people, lift their mood.  I know it does mine, but for my son, it has a very opposite effect.  So be sure to test how it affects you & those around you, including your pets.
Safety can never be over stressed, on anything.  Driving, walking down the street or using nature’s bounty.  I hope I have helped you understand the need to research & use your own instincts. 
I thank you for your attention & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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4 (of a process) performed or taking place in a test tube, culture dish, or elsewhere outside a living organism

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Greetings!!  I’m so excited to see you again, my friends!!  Thank you for joining me today, for we’ll be looking at Sweet Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum).  Another Essential Oil that is also an herb used in the culinary world.

Basil is a long-respected herb.  The Latin (basilicum) originates from the Greek word “Basillcos”, which means “king” or “royal”.  It is a much-favored herb in India.  The leaves are chewed before participating in some religious ceremonies.  Some Hindi believe the Basil leave has protective qualities & will place one on their chest while resting.

Originally from the tropics of Pacific Islands & Asia, Basil is now cultivated throughout Europe & the USA.

Let’s talk about the herb for just a moment.  When you cook, it is the basil leaf, fresh basil or ground basil you’ll want to use.  You can also burn a couple of basil leaves to help relieve headaches.  This is something I’ve tried & for me, it’s worked.  (My daughter walked into the house a short time later & did not care for the strong aroma.)  I’ve read that in the 16th century the leaves were used to treat migraines & chest infections.

Sweet Basil Essential Oil is, of course, more concentrated & potent than the leaves, stems & flowers.  The extracted Essential Oil contains high levels of anti-oxidants.  It’s known to fight bacteria, infections, radical damage & viruses.  It’s aided in reducing inflammation & relieving congestion.  Sweet Basil Essential Oil is naturally formulated to help treat muscular, emotional, cardiovascular & immune-related conditions.  It has been used as a traditional medicinal plant in the treatment of coughs, diarrhea, warts, headaches, constipation, kidney malfunctions, worms & so much more.

Sweet Basil Essential Oil is a naturally sweet, spicy, warm herbal aroma with a hint of licorice.  It’s considered to be a top note oil in Aromatherapy.  (We haven’t talked about the “notes” in Aromatherapy.  That will be coming soon.)

Inhaling, diffusing Sweet Basil can help fight fatigue by stimulating your nervous system & adrenal cortex.  It’s beneficial for reducing sluggishness & brain fog.  It can help restore your mental alertness.  Great for an afternoon pick me up.

The active chemicals in Sweet Basil fight bacteria, infections, inflammation & fatigue.  Applying a blend of Sweet Basil, Frankincense Essential Oil & Coconut Oil behind your ears & on the bottom of your feet can reduce the pain & swelling of ear aches.  This aids in speeding up the healing process.  You might try this before going to the doctor for antibiotics.

Our mouths are awful for bacteria causing odor.  You can add drops of Sweet Basil Essential Oil to your toothpaste or mouthwash.  This aids in healing & protecting your teeth & gums from ulcers, sores, viral blisters & toothaches. Be careful how often you use it.  Sweet Basil is strong.  Too much or too often could lead to issues.

Sweet Basil is considered a “hot” oil.  We discussed hot oils a little bit in Lemon Essential Oil, date May 20, 2017.  You need to be careful using it topically on people who have sensitive skin.  It’s recommended to not  use this Essential Oil on children under the age of 12.

By blending Sweet Basil, Lavender Essential Oil & Epsom salts in a warm bath & soaking in it  a strenuous workout, can bring immediate relief to tense areas.  Sweet Basil can help relieve gout, arthritis, as well as cramps.

I’ve been having a strange issue with my ankle.  Soaked in a very warm tub of Essential Oils & Epsom salts.  Using my tablet, I was playing some of the Mind Movies music & meditating.  I focused healing energy through me, out from my palms where I applied it to the ankle.  Today it is much better.

Are you suffering from swollen muscles or joints?  Blend a few drops of Sweet Basil with a carrier oil.  Rub in to the painful areas.

As I mentioned, Sweet Basil Essential Oil is anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-septic, anti-venomous & anti-spasmodic.  It relaxes the muscles, eases coughs, colds bronchitis & pneumonia.  It can soothe tummy aches, muscles aches, digestive disorders (ranging from nausea to hiccups), joint pains & headaches. 

Because Sweet Basil has a high concentration of emmenagogue, DO NOT USE IF PREGANT AT ALL!!  Emmenagogue is a substance that stimulates or increases the menstrual flow.  It helps normalize menses.

You can add a couple of drops with some clean water to your burner.  These are great for quick, intense diffusing of the properties of Sweet Basil.  You can also add it to the clean water of a diffuser for a long-lasting effect.

Either way aids in your meditation.  The chemical make-up of Sweet Basil is up-lifting, it increases your concentration & clears the mind.  Excellent to use while exercising of any kind as it promotes feelings of trust, openness & enthusiasm.

You can blend Sweet Basil with other Essential Oils.  It blends particularly well with Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Citronella, Citrus, Clary Sage, Fennel, Ginger, Geranium, Grapefruit, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary, Spearmint, Tangerine & Verbena.  

Because of the anti-bacterial  properties of Sweet Basil, it’s a wonderful additive to baking soda & vinegar mixtures.  You can clean some tough stains using this blend while killing disease causing germs.

You can make a blend of Sweet Basil & a carrier oil.  Massage it in to relieve sore muscles.  It will also help relieve the pain & discomfort of arthritis & gout.  I prefer Grapeseed Oil.  It seems to absorb quickly with leaving a greasy feeling behind.

There is much more to share about Sweet Basil Essential Oil, but that is all the time we have today.  My goal is to be respectful of your time.

I thank you for your attention & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Aromatherapy & Herbs

Greetings & Salutations my friends!!  I do so appreciate you stopping in today!!  I’m rather excited about today’s topic. In my recent studies I came across a recommendation for burning a couple of bay leaves & the effect.  I’ve been trying it & want to share my findings with you.

I must be honest with you.  When I started this journey into the world of Aromatherapy, I did see it pretty much as Essential Oils.  But, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me.  I mean, “Fragrance Treatment” is a literal exchange for “Aromatherapy”.  So, in my brain that gives “aroma” a much larger meaning than just oils, but I wasn’t coming across anything else.

One day I’m on the computer & a posting regarding the benefits of burning a bay leaf caught my attention.   The claim was that burning a leaf or two in your home can relieve tension in the body & mind.  It’s been known to help alleviate headaches & it can improve your mood.

Well, with the self-improvement steps I’m taking, I realized that posting was another awakening for me.  I found a bottle of bay leaves in my spices & brought it down.  I took a small piece of aluminum foil to make a burner.  Then I proceeded to play with fire!! Lol.  I did find the aroma pleasant & lasted longer than I anticipated.  I really didn’t notice any other difference at that time.

Shortly into November my schedule went out the window.  I had a birthday & an anniversary, the husband was home & my work week was not normal.  This left me with a slight headache.  I’m blessed with the fact that is the worst my headaches have ever been, slight.  But annoying to me, regardless.

Using my little tin foil, I put fire to a bay leaf.  It sputtered, spat then took off.  It was ashes within 60 seconds, so I burned up a second one.  I noticed a difference within 10 minutes.  I could feel the tension lifting & the headache easing.  By the end of a half hour the ache was gone.  Now when I arrive home & need to relax, I burn a bay leaf.

Now my curiosity is aroused regarding herbs.  Ok, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total innocent.  I know a little bit about “herbs”.  When I was in high school “herb” was code for marijuana.  Since that tender age I have come to learn more about marijuana & its many uses.  But that’s a subject for another time.  

Anyway, I first became aware of herbs as something more than flavoring for our food when I was in the work-provided car with a co-worker.  She had this little brown bundle, tied with a bit of string tucked up in the side window.  I, of course, inquired about it.  She told me it was a bundle of sage & for protection around the car.  (She had been the victim of a drunk driver, forever changing her life.)

Knowing she was about to retire, I asked her if I could have it.  She gladly gave it to me.  I placed it to my office, not really understanding the purpose, but figured it couldn’t hurt to have it.

It’s funny, but things started to change around the office.  Slowly, some of the negative people started to transfer out.  Then, due to an interesting chain of events one of the most negatively influential members of our office, quit.  She just up & moved her family out of the state even.  I really didn’t give the sage bundle the credit for clearing the atmosphere.

May of 2013 found my position in my town gone.  It had moved 30 miles away.  My little one-man show was now going to have to share with lots of different personalities.  Some of them were not friendly, that much I already knew. 

I now sat in a four-plex cubicle with offices pretty much on three sides.  Making the best of it, I placed my sage bundle as close as I could to the center of the four cubicles.  Within six months the most negative person left.  A month or so later then next one.  By my first 18 months the three most negative auras had moved on with their lives.  By the end of the second-year number four, the fifth one by the end of the third year.  Each of them replaced by a more positive soul.  (And for the record, once I became the most negative influence, awareness grew & I am no longer that negative.)

Was it the sage bundle?  I don’t know.  I don’t have enough data to say for sure, but it sure seems like it’s worth further research.

Especially now that I’ve found the family of herbs.  Now that I’m writing this, I’m feeling kind of silly.  After all, we just talked about Clove Essential Oil in our last meeting.  Clove is an oil & spice.  Same with cinnamon.  Clary sage & sweet basil are both an oil & an herb.  I realize it was only a matter of time before I discovered herbs & how they are as much a part of Aromatherapy as are Essential Oils.

Oh,& I learned something else interesting recently & that is how herbs & Essential Oils were used in Biblical Times.  Did you know that the plague God brought upon His people Israel He also gave Moses the cure?  God told Moses to tell his brother the priest, Aaron, to have all the priests take up the temple sensors, fill with hot coals, place some frankincense & myrrh in the top part.  They then walked among the encampment, filling the air with clouds of frankincense & myrrh, the people walking in the smoke, breathing deeply, their tents fumigated with the fragrant treatment.

The Native Peoples of the Americas long have used sage, Cyprus, cedar & pine needles, to name a few, as sacred plants to cleanse an area or space.  They would purify to send their prayers & invite “angels & sweet-spirited ancestors”.

I pray you are anticipating learning more about how herbs are just as important to our physical, emotional & spiritual health as Essential Oils as I am!

I thank you for your time.  As always, I have found it rather enlightening & enjoyable.

Until we meet again, my dear friends, Be Blessed.