Sunday, March 4, 2018

Aromatherapy & Safety

My dear friends, I welcome you to my home.  I’m so glad you are joining me.  I appreciate your time & hope you can find some tips.
Today I feel the need to speak of a very real issue that is arising fast.  That is Aromatherapy, Essential Oils & safety.
A very dear friend of mine tagged me on social media.  It was a story of a lady & her sweet little dog.  This lady, we’ll call her Jill, shared her experience on social media so others could avoid the same issue.
In Jill’s share she stated she had just bought a new diffuser & from the sounds of it, was running it continuously for a few days.  She was using Tea Tree Essential Oil (see Tea Tree aka Melaleuca Essential Oil, July 9, 2017).
Jill reported that her little dog has a dog walker because Jill works some long hours.  What I’m understanding from this is Jill, unknowingly, was running her new diffuser with an antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, home cleaning, mold-killing, viral infection killing, athlete’s foot cure concentrated Essential Oil in a confined space where the dog couldn’t get away.  For extended periods of time this poor animal was breathing in these properties.  Yes, the dog got sick.
Does this make Jill a bad pet mom?  To be honest, I don’t know.  There’s too much I don’t know about the situation.  I do believe she was not aware of the dangers of using Essential Oils as opposed to Aromatic Scents.  I believe she was uneducated on how powerful Essential Oils truly are.
And since this is becoming a problem, I thought we should go over some basics regarding Essential Oils.  I love my Oils & am growing in my use of them.  I want to share with my community, so you can look for a more natural way to handle some of your issues.  But safety is so very important.  Using Essential Oils incorrectly can be just as dangerous as using pharmaceutical drugs incorrectly.
Let’s start with the number one fact: ESSENTIAL OILS ARE CHEMICALS. 
Period.  The end.  Just because they’re natural does not mean there are no safety concerns.  All chemicals must be respected & understood before you use them.
Essential Oils are one of nature’s most powerful tools.  They have been used for thousands of years to enhance our living & well-being.  They ease aches & pains.  They relieve coughs & colds.  We use them to fight infections & prevent illnesses.  It’s been said that for every ailment of man, God has provided the cure in nature.  Essential Oils are a big part of the cure.
As I said, Essential Oils are chemicals.  A good example would be the photosensitive oils, also known as “hot” oils.    A hot oil is generally your citrus group.  Lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, etc.  When applied topically the photosensitive chemical will react with ultraviolet light when it exposed to it.  Extended exposure will cause inflammation, blistering, reddening & burning of the skin.
But even Lavender Essential Oil, as calming in its uses, is powerful stuff.  There have been & are still on-going studies of the drug “clotrimazole” & Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) on Candida albicans (1Scientifica 10/13/15, 2Caspian Journal of Reproductive Medicine 9/6/14, 3Dr. EricZ Living the Abundant Life 6/10/17).  These studies are showing that Lavandula angustifolia is just as effective at killing candida 4in vitro as the pharmaceutical chemical “clotrimazole” after the first 24-48 hours.  What makes Lavender Essential Oil a better option is it has more benefits & less side effects then the pharmaceutical.
More traditional doctors are more often recommending Essential Oils instead of prescribing pharmaceuticals.  Science is confirming what has been known for thousands of years, Essential Oils are nature’s cures.  One of the facts found about Tea Tree Essential Oil is it is just as effective as pharmaceutical antibiotics, yet without the negative side effects, & has a positive synergistic effect.  This means Tea Tree Essential Oil is also preventing antibiotic resistance from developing.
We have learned how to use Nature’s bounty to nourish, support & heal our bodies.  We also have learned which ones will hurt us, even kill us.  But in the last 50-100 years or so, we have been taught to trust what man can make & have forgotten Nature’s lessons.  But because Nature is so good at what she does, we are drawn back to her.  We now need to re-learn the lessons of what is good for us & when it can turn harmful.
Please, my friends, before using any organic or pure Essential Oil, do your research!  Learn how the chemicals in the oil effect your body.  And always, always remember ALL THINGS IN MODERATION!!
If you went to a traditional doctor & he prescribed a pharmaceutical drug, you would take it as prescribed, correct?  Prescriptions are in moderation, correct?  Then why wouldn’t you use chemically  based Essential Oils in moderation?
We have travelled so far from our natural roots.  We live in segregated communities, on concrete land, no longer connected to the earth, or others.  No longer grounded into Nature or in tune with her.  We have insulated ourselves into the “safety” of man-made products & forgotten our survival safety knowledge.
Now, as we are seeking more natural ways of healing our minds, bodies & spirits we must also learn to think outside the box we crawled into years ago.  We must realize everything is two-sided, a possible danger to us & even more so to the young, small, elderly & sensitive.  We must realize & research the possible benefits & dangers of returning to nature for everyone in our home.
Please, my dear friends, please, start slow on your path with Aromatherapy & Essential Oils.  Find one you like & read up about it.  What are the properties, what is it known to effect?  Do a patch test to see if you have a reaction to it, both on your skin & your olfactory senses.  There’s a certain blend that will, on most people, lift their mood.  I know it does mine, but for my son, it has a very opposite effect.  So be sure to test how it affects you & those around you, including your pets.
Safety can never be over stressed, on anything.  Driving, walking down the street or using nature’s bounty.  I hope I have helped you understand the need to research & use your own instincts. 
I thank you for your attention & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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4 (of a process) performed or taking place in a test tube, culture dish, or elsewhere outside a living organism

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