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Bergamot Essential Oil

Dear, dear friends, I welcome you to our time together.  It brings joy when we gather.  And today’s topic, Bergamot Essential Oil, also brings joy to Aromatherapy.  

The bergamot fruit grows mainly in the Mediterranean, preferring the temperate climate.  The fruit was actually named for the Italian city of Bergamo, where the bergamot oil trade started, thousands of years ago.  The benefits of this little powerhouse are underutilized today, though.

It’s of the citrus family, probably a hybrid of a lemon & orange.  The orange making the juice sweeter than the lemon.  The aroma reminds me of the lemon, but without the tartness, giving it a calming & soothing aroma.


Bergamot Essential Oil is analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, astringent, deodorant, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, laxative & sedative.  It will improve blood circulation, prevent infections, reduces pain, relaxes & sedates, aids in digestion, good for your skin, eliminates bad odors in the air, on your body & pet odors, reduces fevers, kills germs, relieves spasms, aids in healing & so much more.  

I mentioned it improves blood circulation.  When your blood is flowing the anti-depressant chemicals of Bergamot are creating feelings of joy & energy.  These chemicals also stimulate your hormonal secretions.  This helps maintain your metabolic rates.  This, in turn, aids in digestion by increasing digestive juices, bile & insulin, helping in absorbing nutrients & with  the assimilation & decomposition of sugar.  Reducing your blood sugar improves your neurological & mental conditions. 

Using Bergamot Essential Oil in your skin & hair care products can prohibit & protect from infections.  The disinfectant & anti-biotic components inhibit the growth of fungi, germs & viruses.  It’s known to cure colon, intestine, urinary tract & kidney infections.

Instead of turning to over the counter pain medications with their side effects, try the analgesic properties of Bergamot Essential Oil first.  It stimulates the hormones which dull the nerves’ sensitivity to pain.  It has helped in the cases of muscle aches, headaches & other ailments where you would use analgesic medicines.

Related to those symptoms  are nervous tension, stress & anxiety.  Bergamot Essential Oil has flavonoids which relax & soothe the nerves.  This can help alleviate & cure depression, high blood pressure & insomnia.  These flavonoids also stimulate dopamine & serotonin production, inducing feelings of well-being & sedation.

Earlier I mentioned how this Essential Oil activates the secretion of your digestive acids, bile, & enzymes.  This aids in breaking down your food.  Bergamot Essential Oil synchronizes & regulates the rhythm of your intestines, reducing the strain to your intestinal tract & quickening the digestive process.  This, in turn, reduces constipation & can prevent gastrointestinal complications.

Bergamot Essential Oil is utilized in the elimination of acne scars.  It aids in the uniform distribution of melanin & pigments.  This leaves behind an even, attractive skin tone.  Marks & scars just fade away.

It aids in the elimination of painful skin conditions like acne, psoriasis & boils.  It relieves itchy, dry skin, reduces oily skin, soothes insect bites & cold sores.

Citrus aromas are quite strong & Bergamot Essential Oil is no exception.  This makes it wonderful for overcoming or eliminating odors.  Use it in your deodorant.  It not only covers up any body odor, but it’s disinfectant properties inhibit the growth of odor-causing germs.  It’s great for refreshing & disinfecting rooms.

Bergamot Essential Oil, as an anti-biotic, fights infections, caused by bacteria, viruses & protozoa that cause fevers.  It also stimulates your metabolic system, increasing gland secretions,  which provides a feeling of warmth.  This results in toxins being cleansed from the body through perspiration, ultimately reducing your body temperature.

Use a few drops in your vaporizer during cough & cold season.  It will help loosen the phlegm, making it easier to cough out.  During the day, when you’re having difficulties breathing, rub a drop or two in your palms, cup your nose & breath in the vapors.

If the congestion is severe, mix a few drops each of Bergamot Essential Oil & 1Eucalyptus Essential Oil in your diffuser. 

Bergamot Essential Oil can be used to prevent bad breath.  You can add a drop or two to some warm water.  Use it as a rinse or gargle.  The sweet citrus smell provides freshness, and the anti-microbial property kills the germs.  Regular rinsing of your mouth with Bergamot Essential Oil can help prevent cavities.  For a tooth ache you can apply a drop to the tooth & then rinse well.

Such a versatile, fragrant Essential Oil.  I know I’ve said this about a few different oils, but Bergamot Essential Oil deserves to be in your first aid kit.  And your bathroom.  And kitchen.  Well, I think you get the idea.

I thank you for your time & I look forward to our next chat.  Til next we meet, Be Blessed.


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